1882 Reunion

The following are some family members that might have attended a Golden reunion held 120 years ago.

Michael Golden

John & Bridget Golden with their daughter Bridget

Thomas & Mary Malone with their 6 children
  Catherine, Mary, Maggie, Ann, Tom & Marcella

Michael & Bridget Golden with their 7 children
  Mike, Catharine, Julia, Tony, Bridget, Tom & Ann

Patrick & Bridget Golden with their 8 children
  John, Kate, Mary, Martin, Lizzie, Bill, Sadie & Nora

Dennis & Sarah Golden with their 9 children
  Mary, Maggie, Tom, John, Dennis, Jim, Joe, Bill & Catherine

Patrick & Catherine Malone with their 8 children
  Maggi, Pat, Mike, Tom, Jim, Dennis, Mary & Bill

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