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Atomic Bombs

6 August 1945 (pg 695)




The 509th CG B-29 takes off from North Field, Tinian at 0245 hours. At two-minute intervals, 2 observation B-29's follow. At 0815 hours local, an atomic bomb is released over Hiroshima from 31,600 ft; it explodes 50 seconds later. (More than 80% of the city's buildings are destroyed and over 71,000 people are killed. The B-29 lands on Tinian at 1458 hours followed within the hour by the 2 observation aircraft.)

9 August 1945 (pg 697)




A second atomic bomb is dropped on Japan. A B-29 from the 509th CG leaves North Field, Tinian at 0230 hours; The B-29 is followed by 2 observation B-29's. The primary target, Kokura, is obscured by bad weather; the attack is made against the secondary target, Nagasaki. The bomb, dropped from 28,900 feet at 1058 hours (local), explodes one minute after release. Japanese report 24,000 killed. The attacking B-29's refuel on Okinawa, and return to Tinian by 2339 hours.

First Atomic Bomb

Second Atomic Bomb