uncle ted fought in the war

5 August 1945

5 August 1945 (pg 695)




During the night of 5-6 August, 612 B-29's fly 1 mining, 1 HE bombing and 4 incendiary raids against Japan. Two B-29ís are lost.


(Mission 311) Twenty-seven 504th BG B-29's mine the waters of the Sakai, Yonago, Nakaumi Lagoon, Miyazu, Maizuru, Tsuruga, Obama Japan and Najin and Geijitsu Korea; one B-29 hits an alternate target.


(Mission 312) Sixty-three 58th BW B-29's attack the Saga urban area destroying .02 square miles or 1.5% of the city. One B-29 is lost.


(Mission 313) Ninety-two 313th BW B-29's hit the Maebashi urban area destroying 1 square mile or 42.5% of the city; 4 B-29's hit alternate targets.


(Mission 314) Two hundred fifty 73rd BW and 314th BW B-29's attack the Nishinomiya-Mikage urban areas destroying 2.8 square miles or 29.6% of the city; three B-29's hit alternate targets. One B-29 is lost.


(Mission 315) One hundred six 315th BW B-29's bomb the Ube Coal Liquefaction Company facility at Ube destroying 100% of the refining units and destroying or damaging 80% of other structures; 2 B-29's hit alternate targets.


(Mission 316) Sixty-four B-29's attack the Imabari urban area destroying .73 square miles or 76% of the city area.




HQ 333rd BG and 435th, 460th and 507th BS flying B-29ís arrive at Kadena, Okinawa from the US.

Uncle Ted was part of Mission 316

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Mission # 316


Date: 5/6 August 1945


Target: Imabari Urban Area ( 90.29 )


Participating Unit: 58th BW


Number A/C Airborne: 66


% A/C Bombing Primary: 96.96% ( 64 A/C )


Type of Bombs and Fuses: M19, 500# incendiary clusters set to open 5000 feet over target, T4E4, 500# fragmentation clusters set to open 3000 feet below aircraft and M64, 500# G.P. bombs with proximity nose and non-delay tail fuses.


Tons of Bombs Dropped: 510 tons


Time Over Primary: 060105K - 060147K


Altitude of Attack: 12,200 feet - 12,800 feet


Weather Over Target: 0/10 - 5/10


Total A/C Lost: 0


Resume of Mission: Results were reported as excellent, with large fires observed throughout target area. Photo reconnaissance later showed that 76% of the city had been destroyed. Two A/C were non-effective. Only 11 A/C sighted the target. Two Wind-Run A/C not included in total A/B. Five E/A sighted did not attack. Flak was heavy, medium and light, meager to inaccurate. Two S/L's in target area. T-3 pamphlets were dropped. Five B-29s landed at Iwo Jima. Average bomb load: 16,986 lbs. Average fuel reserve: 773 gallons.

A/C :


E/A :

Enemy Aircraft

58th BW :

58th Bombardment Wing

G.P. bombs :

General Purpose Bombs

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T-3 Pamphlets

Propaganda Pamphlets ???