U.S. History ( Elizabeth Golden )

U.S. History ( Elizabeth Golden )

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Friday, June 10th / 87


US History


1st. The French owned all the territory from the Arctic O. to the Gulf of Mexico east of the Mississippi River. The English owned then by right of discovery & the French by exploration & the English owned a strip of territory 300 miles wide from the Atlantic to the Pacific.


2nd. The cause of the F & I was dispute of territory.


3rd. Ft. Duqunse Wagara Crown point Ticonderoga Quebec.


4th. In 1758 at the junction of the Allegheny & Monongahela rivers it was begun by the English & finished by the French.


5th. Mont Calin was a Frenchman & Lord Houdan Wolfe & Amherst was English.


6th. It began in 1764 & ended in 1768 it settled the question whether the North America should French or English in language, laws & manners.


7th. At Paris 1oth of February 1763 by this Great Britain obtained all the land east of the Mississippi River with the exception of the Island of Orleans.


8th. 1660 navigation & other acts was the remote causes. 1763 the taxation act & the stamp act was the direct causes


9th. They thought that the colonies existed only for the consumption of English commodities.


10. The Boston Tea Party 40 or 60 men dressed like Mohawks on the night of December 16 went on board the vessel and emptied 342 chests of tea into the water. In 1492 Columbus discovered America. 1497 John Cabot & his son Sebastion touched the mainland of America. 1612 Poncedeleon discovered Florida. 1513 Balboa discovered Pacific Ocean. 1607 Jamestown was settled by the English. 1660 Navigation act. 1763 Treaty of Peace signed at Paris. 1765 Stamp Act & Quarlesing Act. 1783 Molasses Act. 1774 Boston Port Bill was passed. 1775 Battle of Herrington and Bunker Hill. 1704 the first Newspaper printed in America.




Lizzie Golden

U.S. History.




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