Civil Government     ( Elizabeth Golden )

Civil Government     ( Elizabeth Golden )

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paper: lined paper, 2 pages, front only, 7-3/4” wide by 12-5/16” high

the paper was folded into quarters.  On the back was written the following:

Civil Government

Lizzie Golden

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Study up – those

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A standing committee is a committee appointed at the beginning of a session to act during that session.


Committee of the whole is when both houses act on one subject.




1. Passed by congress, signed by the  President.  2. Passed by congress, vetoed by the President.  3, Repassed by congress, signed by two thirds ,majority of both houses.




Bills of revenue are bills for raising money for the support of the government.


Direct taxes are taxes on real estate and personal property.  Indirect taxes are taxes on articles of consumption.


Copy right laws are laws which gives a person the right to use a print, a book or map for  twenty eight years at that time he may have it extended for fourteen years longer.




Piracy is robbery committed on the sea.


Felony requires the entire forferture of good, lands and other property.  Capital punishment may be added according to the degree of quilt.    (Note: not good)


High seas are three geographical miles from the coast.  (Note: not quite good)


Treason consists of levying war against the United States adhering to its enemies – giving them aid and comfort.  Treason is punishable by death


Unconstitutional laws are laws contrary to the constitution of a state.




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