South Evergreen Schoolhouse

Saving an important piece of history

South Evergreen Schoolhouse

Anyone living in the area has at one time or another driven by the small one room school known for over a hundred years as South Evergreen, District No. 7, at the intersection of 88th Ave. and Leonard Road.  It is one of the few surviving one room schools in the area that is still in its original condition.  Most have been torn down; a few have been altered to serve other purposes.


A committee of area residents are hoping that through donations, volunteer effort and historical research, we can bring together other interested persons willing to move forward with the restoration of South Evergreen.

South Evergreen Schoolhouse

Polkton Township

88th Ave and Leonard Rd

With the awareness of one room schoolhouses disappearing from the country sides, it is important to preserve their unique history along with their valuable memories.  The South Evergreen Schoolhouse has been purchased through many generous donations and is under the guardianship of Polkton Township.  Now the committee to “restore” this one room schoolhouse would like the help of those who may have experienced this school.


If you are a former student or teacher of South Evergreen School, or have any information, please contact:

The committee and community can now continue to raise money for repairs and restoration efforts.  As a community effort we are asking you for your support.  We have set up an account with Coopersville Area Community Foundation through the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation.  By donating through the Foundations, you may be able to benefit from their 501c3 status, they will send your tax receipt.  Just put South Evergreen Schoolhouse in the memo line of your check.


Send your check to:

Grand Haven Area Community Foundation

One South Harbor Dr.

Grand Haven, Michigan 49417



Help is also needed collecting the history, memories, pictures and stories.  We need craftsmen and women to help with the restoration work.

With your help, we will someday step back in time within this historical late 1800s building to share the journeys and explore the heritage of bygone school days.

Jim Fitzpatrick


Jim Key




Check out our South Evergreen Facebook Page.


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