By: Jim Fitzpatrick

Local Farmer in Polkton Township writes for the Coopersville Observer.

Along Brandy Creek

By Jim Fitzpatrick


The Coopersville Observer  August 22, 2005- - No. 56

There are times when you have to get the kids off the farm, take a good long break from the usual.  The wife made it clear that a couple of weeks on the road, visiting interesting and unusual places, would do the family a world of good.  "It would be a fine learning experience, too," she said!


The Dad use to do a lot of traveling to far parts of the earth.  That was before he up and got married, started raising a family.  Once that all happened it seemed like he became more and more settled into the place than ever.  Being a husband, dad and working the land is all he seemed to have in mind anymore.  It is difficult to get him into Coopersville or Nunica, if it isn't really necessary.  And a place like Grand Rapids - kind of puts his nerves on edge just thinking about it.


So, the family did go off to the East coast for a time.  They filled their van with all kinds of traveling items and drove there and back.  A few days were spent in Washington, DC and some time on the coast of Virginia.  The four of them stayed in some real fancy places, met a lot of good people, looked at and visited more places than you could have imagined.  The kids brought back quite a few souvenirs form the trip.


They arrived back home late one afternoon on a Sunday.  It just plain felt good to be home again.  The garden needed hoeing, the lawn needed mowing.  It was time to open up the house, air it out a bit.  Neighbor girl Libby wouldn't have to come over anymore to care for the chickens, ducks, rabbits, cats, dog and horse.  Once the family was all settled in, the dad had one thing to say; "we should start planning our trip for next year!"

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