By: Jim Fitzpatrick

Local Farmer in Polkton Township writes for the Coopersville Observer.

Along Brandy Creek

By Jim Fitzpatrick


The Coopersville Observer  Sept 5, 2005- - No. 57

There isn't a one of us that lives in Polkton Township that hasn't crossed the old Trunk Line Bridge, many times over the years. This rare and beautiful artifact was built back in the 1920s. It's graceful arches sweep high overhead as we drive over it. Several rectangular arched "windows" compliment the interior of each of the two parallel arches. A row of indented squares run along the base, close to the road way's surface on each side. Into two of the four massive square end posts, you will find a heavy bronze plaque attached to the concrete. Here, in raised lettering, you can read up on all the particulars of the construction of the Trunk Line Bridge.


Five or six miles west of town, on Cleveland Avenue, you will see the huge concrete arches up ahead. As you approach this rather narrow crossing of Crockery Creek, you may wonder for a moment! "Why haven't I ever taken the time to appreciate this very nice, unusual and almost ageless looking bridge?" It is filled with character and charm of the past. It was obviously designed to be thought of as much more than just a practical and useful stream crossing. Michigan is the only state in which this type of bridge construction, known as a "camel back" bridge, was ever undertaken. The Trunk Line bridge is one of the few remaining in existence.


This bridge has long been a part of the local landscape. It's base and supporting structure now surrounded by lush vegetation, suggests that it is inseparable from the banks of Crockery's gently flowing waters.

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