By: Jim Fitzpatrick

Local Farmer in Polkton Township writes for the Coopersville Observer.

Along Brandy Creek

By Jim Fitzpatrick


The Coopersville Observer  September 20, 2004- - No. 37

Donna owns and runs the travel office down on Main Street. She and Hope are the sole providers of this kind of business in the entire town of Coopersville. All kinds of people show up every day, wanting to go to some far off place. Often it is to take a break from the usual, maybe go off and experience big city life in contrast to their own small town existence. For some it is the need to get off the farm, leave the animals and fields behind for a spell.


One morning a fellow came through the door rather quiet like. The first thing he did was walk right over and take a real close look at that big framed picture of the Eiffel Tower, hanging on the south wall. Donna was setting there at her desk sizing up the man as he did so. She could hear him mumbling something about "too far away for me, all I need to do is get to Idaho".


"Sure thing", she exclaimed, after he finally settled himself down in the chair by her desk. She would arrange for the best and most economical trip. He told of how the wife and kids were going to stay home and tend to the farm. He had some how become acquainted with "a feller that grows potatoes out there on some of that there irrigated desert ground". He went of to explain how potatoes were one of his favorite foods, that he grew them in his garden and ate them for at least two meals every day. He could hardly wait to rest his eyes on hundreds of acres of potatoes in a single field.


Donna and Hope switched on their computers. It wasn't long before they had this farmer man scheduled on a direct flight, round trip, to Southern Idaho. That man stepped out of their office that morning with a real big smile on his face. One thing he couldn't figure, however. What was it about that old rusty looking tower over there in France that interested folks, anyway? He put on his hat and walked across the street, to the Country Cafe for a second breakfast. Then he ordered up ham and eggs with a double helping of hash browns

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