Hanchett / Lawrence / South Evergreen

One Room Schoolhouse Reunion

Committee Meeting Minutes - Page 1


Hanchett/Lawrence School

at Anchor Inn


In attendance at the last committee meeting was Don, Theo, Joan, Marie, Shirley, Diane, Larry and Jo Ann.


Comments on the reunion and suggestions for next class  reunion  were discussed.


It was determined that the all class reunion of the two schools was a success. The final count was 73 attendees. The break down was; 42 Hanchett school and 31 Lawrence.


Current balance in the checking account is $231.36.


Theo’s daughter took pictures that will be available at the next meeting. She is also working on the stories about school days that was submitted by those attending the event.   Jo Ann requested copies of the stories of Lawrence School so she could include them in the archival booklet she is working on.


Molly supplied many pictures of Lawrence School classmates that were on display at the reunion. Jo Ann has copies of most of them and will be putting an archival booklet together to be given to Crockery Township Hall for future reference. Currently they have very little information on record about Lawrence School.  Margaret Scott found some history, which she put on display for our event.  One of the items was the original proposal for the construction of the school.


The Food was a big success.


 Menu                                                                                 Appetizers

Potato salad                                                                      Cheese and Crackers

Fruit salad                                                                         Pinwheels

Meat balls                                                                          Pickles

Baked beans                                                                     Olives

German Chocolate cake


Veggie tray


Diane observed we needed more potato salad and fruit salad and less relish.


Larry suggested we have a volunteer list of people who will commit to help set up the hall and clean up after the event.


A vote was taken, at the reunion, to see when we should have the next all class reunion of the two schools. It was voted to have it every year.


Marie suggested we invite Jericho school.


Jo Ann suggested we include an extra sheet of paper with next year’s invitation, requesting stories be sent back, whether people were going to be attending or not.


Larry suggested someone design a cover sheet for the stories.


September 20th of 2014 is the date of the next Hanchett/Lawrence School all class reunion.


April 30th 2014 is the next scheduled committee meeting.


Jo Ann

Notes from May 14th 2014 meeting

Hanchett/Lawrence School

at Crockery Township Hall

10 a.m


In attendance: Jo Ann, Larry, Diane , Rhea Mae, Wayne, Molly, Diane, Theo, Bill and Shirley, Marla, Joan and Bob.


Marla saw some info about Jericho School on Ancestor.com.  It was from Carol Vissor and referred to attending in 1948.  Marla is going to try to contact her for more details.


Joan said Bob Schafer (not sure of his last name spelling) has some pictures regarding Lawrence School.  She will look into getting copies.


Larry said the balance in the account is the same as it was last month. That should be $231.36 less $30.00 for gift certificate to Theo’s daughter making the balance. $201.36.


Diane Cusick agreed to cater the event this year and we were all overjoyed.   The following is the menu, however, she may alter it slightly; depending on what fruits and vegetables are in season and available.


Potato salad                                                         cheese balls

fruit                                                                        liver pate’


baked beans                                                        Larry and Diane will pick up the chicken from Family

relish and veggie tray                                          Fare.  It is the same chicken we had last year.



Diane and Larry will work out the money portion of this.


The party will start at 3pm again this year and eating to start at 5pm.


Larry with get with Ed Schmidt about the Jericho School invite and confer with Marla.  Larry and Shirley will be lending Marla a hand as she is doing a lot of the preparations to get the invites and coversheets ready for mailing. Next meeting will be mailing out the invites.


Larry will invite Margaret Scott to the reunion and ask her to display some history.


We ended the meeting with a little birthday celebration for Jo Ann, however, it was determined that Shirley and Marla also have May birthdays.


The next meeting will be June 25th  10 a.m at Marla’s

 9559 Taft Road Nunica.


Rhea, Jo Ann, Theo, Marie and Bob offered to help mail invites

Recap from April 28th 2015 All Class


Reunion Committee Meeting


Attendants: Molly B, Jim Fitzpatrick, Joan H, Larry and Diane VD, Theo and Jo Ann


It was suggested we take the address book around the tables during the reunion to ensure everyone signed it.  We need to make sure we get all the information we can as well, such as, e-mail address and phone numbers and any address changes.


Theo will ask Diane Cusick if she will cater again this year.


Sept. 19 is the set date and the cost will remain at $15.00.


We will be sending out “Save This Date” postcards to some people in advance.  There will be enough ordered to hand out some, also.


It was agreed upon to have a raffle again this year with proceeds again going to South Evergreen School

Jim Fitzpatrick with confirm with the Evergreen that they want to be included in the “all class” reunion.


Theo will ask Kelly if she will take photo’s again this year.


A thank you card will go out to Glenn for all his hard work with the web site.

All School Reunion Committee Meeting


Oct. 7 2015


Attendee’s: Larry VD, Diane VD, Theo A, Wayne H, Jim K, Jim F, Jan K, Jo Ann W, Doug Heil.


Larry Read the Treasures report.


Suggestions: Get the raffle items in early so they can be put on display before tickets go on sale. This year’s tickets had a nice selling price and it was recommended and approved to use the same amount next year. $1.00=one ticket, $5.00 = 6 tickets and $10.00 = 15 tickets.


Wayne suggested we auction off the nicer (hand crafted and more expensive items) as opposed to putting them in the raffle.  Also, get the crafter name and some history on the item made.  A beautiful, wood, hand made TV table was donated by a gentleman (can’t recall his name) and the history of the wood used was very significant and had a great story with it.  Unfortunately, many people did not see it until after they disbursed their tickets and could have generated more $$’s; and should have given the history of the wood and the craftsmanship, not to mention the many hours it must have taken to build it.


The auction generated $445.00 for the restoration project for South Evergreen School.


There were 35 people who attended the South Evergreen open house.


The ages of some of the older folks who attended the schools reunion this year were 99, 104, 95 and 92 years old.  They, as well as the teachers who taught at these schools received corsages.


It was suggested we start most of the itinerary before 5pm (dinner time) as some of the older folks get tired after they eat. They can visit for the first half hour or so, review the auction items and enjoy Larry’s commentaries, stories read from school memories, Shirley’s jokes, a little music etc.  Eat at 5pm then do the raffle item and auction.


Jim Key will work on the power point presentation from our picture collection and Jo Ann offered to help him if he needed help.


Larry suggested we get a scanner and scan any memorabilia people bring so we can have those items in our archives for display. He also suggested we make the request for such items, in our invitation.


In conjunction with this suggestion, Jim K mentioned we might have a “coffee meeting” some Saturday for one room school people to gather any “one room school” history items to scan.


Theo requested we get new banners and decorations as well as plants to decorate the table like we did this year. They were later given to participants via the raffle tickets left in the bucket.


We need to get more table clothes.


We need to make it a campaign to encourage people to submit their school days memories.  Jan suggested we note on invitation if any submitted story tellers would like theirs anonymous.


Next Meeting Dec. 2 at the Crockery Township Hall at 10 a.m. There will be a  Special Guest from CA..


Agenda: Treasures Report, purchase scanner

All School Reunion Committee Meeting


Date: December 2, 2015


Attendee’s: Larry VanDussen, Diane VanDussen, Glenn Fitzpatrick, Shirley Cunningham, Joan Hecksel, Wayne Hecksel, Jan Kimble., Jim Key, Doug Hehl., Jim Fitzpatrick, Rhea Mae and Jo Ann Windberg.


Larry and Diane treated us to a biscuit and gravy breakfast, which was delicious and greatly appreciated. Others brought breakfast items to add to the menu.


It was suggested that Jim Budzynsky be approached to see if he would be willing to put on a 20-30 minute historical presentation on one room schools.  Jim Fitzpatrick will be coordinating this with help from Larry.


It was suggested, and agreed upon by the committee, to purchase a scanner. Jim Key and Larry VD volunteered to do the shopping for it.


There was a discussion about inviting Taylor and Jericho Schools to join our reunions, however, nothing was decided at this time.


Jim Key will do a South Evergreen School presentation at the last pancake breakfast of the year, which is April 16th.
He will also invite the breakfast group into the east end room off the cafeteria where he will be orchestrating a workshop of sorts.


The workshop will be advertised in advance and will be a “one room school memorabilia” gathering.  If people will bring paper documents, he will scan them so we will have copies. More discussion on that at the next meeting.


The next committee meeting will be April 6th 2016 at 10 am at the Crockery Township Hall.


The next class reunion is tentatively scheduled for September 10th, 2016.

All Class Reunion Committee Meeting

April 6, 2016

Crockery Township Hall


In Attendance: Jo Ann, Diane and Larry VD, Shirley C, Glenn F, Jim Key, Bob Harper, Marie J, Wayne H, and Joan H.


Shirley started the meeting out with a story about “taters”. It was very cute and based on the laughs she got, it was  approved for the reunion. The same is true for her Amish story about elevators. It was hilarious and, I am sure, those of us who laughed at this one, will also appreciate it again at the reunion.  Some stories are just worth hearing a second time.


Larry announced the surgery people; Jim F and Jan K.  They are on the road to recovery and we missed them at the meeting.


We had no word on whether Jim B will do a small historical presentation at the reunion this year.  Jim F. was going to get with him on that, however, due to his surgery was not able to make our meeting. Shirley is going to follow up with Jim B. and Larry is going to invite him to the next business meeting.


It was brought up again to invite Taylor and Jericho Schools to join the reunions, but we are going to hold off until next year to see how big we will be this year.


If anybody approaches us about their one room school joining us,  we will invite them to our business meeting to get a feel for what it is all about. If they get an approximate head count, we can determine if they can be included.


Jim K said rumor has it, Jericho School might get torn down and he and Polkton Township were invited to see if there was anything they could use for South Evergreen.  Larry volunteered to go with Jim to check it out.


Jim passed on doing a presentation at the April 16 Pancake Breakfast due to the bike path people doing a presentation at that time.  He felt it would be impolite to cut in their time slot. We all agreed.


Mark your calendars and watch for postings for Oct. 1.  Jim said Community Haven on Leonard Road will be celebrating 150 years of existence and will have activities all day..More information on that will follow.


Diane brought up the “Save this Date cards”.  We all approved sending them out again this year.


We carried over talking to Diane Cusick until the next meeting, however, we did approve using the same menu as we did last year.


We are planning on doing the auction again this year.  We will request the items get their early with a 3pm cut off time. A live auction was discussed but was not well received.  We will try to keep it simple. Proceeds again, will go to the restoration fund for South Evergreen School.


Purchase of new banners was approved with Larry checking L and L Printing for a cost. We will also get plants again this year for the table decorations. Theo was not at the meeting but got volunteered to head up the design for the banner.


Jim K will have an open house again this year at South Evergreen School early the day of the reunion.  Details to follow.


September 10 was approved for the day of the reunion.


May 4th is the next business meeting…same place…same time.



Jo Ann

One Room School Committee Meeting

Crockery Township Hall

May 4, 2016


Attendees: Diane and Larry VD, Jim K, Bob H, Theo A, Doug H, Joan H, Marie J, Jo Ann W, Jim F, Glenn per phone.


Correction from the last minutes: Doug H was also at the April 6 meeting


Larry brought “Save the Date” cards, address labels and stamps.  At the end of the meeting we addressed the cards so Larry could get them in the mail.


We reviewed the invitation that Glenn updated and made a few minor adjustments. They are as follows:

   1. Jim K requested we add the South Evergreen Open House notice to the invitation.

   2. The 5pm dinner time was changed to 4:30pm .

   3. “Raffle Drawing” was added and highlighted in red.

   4. “Cash bar” will be changed to black ink.

   5. Glenn suggested changing the RSVP date from August 22 (which was last year’s date) to August 15. I agreed.

   6. Bold and highlight, in Red, the last paragraph on the last page, which starts out: “We are always…..RSVP”.


*Glenn is going to check with L and L Printing on the extra cost of adding red ink to this paragraph.  He thinks there will be a substantial cost involved. Glenn will make the necessary changes.


We are changing the dinner time in an attempt to shorten the evening as some of the elderly attendees found it challenging to sit for a long period of time.  Larry will make an attempt to keep the program short.  He will give Jim B a limit of 15-20 minutes to do a historical presentation.


Dick Holman will entertain us with his music and Shirley will tell her jokes.

Jim K may update us on South Evergreen School restoration.

Jo Ann will put a plug in for Glenn’s website; www.nunica.com and hand out Glenn’s website address cards.

Have Shirley read a story or two from the site. **See agenda for June


Theo was made aware that she was volunteered to head up the design for the new banner. She will also go over the menu with Diane Cusick. We all agreed the menu should stay the same as last year.  She will make sure Diane has the new dinner time.  We all agreed to keep the Family Fare chicken on the menu.  Diane and Larry will take care of ordering that as well as the cash bar.


It was brought up again to get the auction items to the hall ASAP so the people who arrive early and buy tickets, will have an opportunity to view all the items they wish to bid on.


We will be getting plants again this year for center pieces.


The next meeting is June 15



Taking pictures the day of reunion so Theo can get them in the scrap book. Jo Ann will take some but we need another person/or persons.


We need volunteers to sell raffle tickets.


We need volunteers to orchestrate the auction as well as bringing the items to the winners table.

Should we have a “table” cleanup crew before the auction starts so people will have clean tables?


Jim K working on power point presentation at the reunion day.


Glenn suggests taking “classmate” pictures in front of the new banner.

     ex: Glenn, Larry, Dick and any others that were in the same class together.


**Consider plugging more stories at the reunion so we can put them in a booklet to make available for purchase at next year’s reunion.  Suggested cover is “Save The Date” card. Glenn will look into making available a similar booklet Mrs. Hazekamp put together, for our June meeting.


July 19 meeting will be the invitation mailing.

One Room School Committee Meeting

Crockery Township Hall

June 15, 2016


Attendees: Molley B, Wayne H, Doug H., Jim F., Rea Mae, Shirley C., Joan H., Jan K., Jim K., Theo A., Marie, Larry VD., Diane VD., Jo Ann


Correction: The next meeting is not July 19th.  It is July 20th.


Larry and Theo presented a sample banner LL Printing will make up for us.  It will have flexibility to change information, add potential joining schools and changeable dates.


Jim F. talked about the South Evergreen updates.


Larry will get with Dick Holman to confirm he will provide entertainment.


Shirley will read some of the previous submitted stories in order to encourage more people send in their stories.  Jim Key will do a presentation appealing people for more stories with the hopes of publishing a booklet to be made available for sale at the 2017 reunion (provided we vote to have one next year).


Larry and Diane have raffle tickets and will bring those to the reunion.


Theo has new containers to put raffle tickets in for the raffle items.


All are encouraged to bring/solicit items.


Glenn was volunteered to oversee the raffle with Jan assisting him. That should be pretty easy to do as Larry is checking with Jennifer, Becky and Pricilla to do all the footwork.  That would mean selling the tickets and overseeing the raffle items.  Jo Ann volunteered to be the “runner” and deliver the winning item to the winning ticket holder.


Diane and Larry supplied us with delicious strawberry shortcake…Thank You!


The next meeting will be:


July 20th at Crockery Township Hall at 10:am as usual

One Room School Class Reunion Meeting

Crockery Township Hall

July 20th 2016

10 a.m.


In attendance:

Larry and Diane VD, Theo, Marie, Jan, Rea Mae, Shirley, Wayne, Jim K, Jim F, Bob, Glenn and Jo Ann.

We all worked to get the invitations prepped to send out, therefore, we did not have a regular meeting.


Larry and Theo showed us the new banner.  They did a wonderful job with the design. It looks fantastic.


Theo will let Diane C. know about the next meeting so she can attend it if she has any questions about the menu.


Theo will be in charge of the raffles from now on so we need to make sure we check with her before we set any future reunion dates.


Jo Ann will bring her camera to take pictures and others were encouraged to do the same.


We will have two more meetings before the reunion


August 24 and September 7. Please mark your calendar for these dates and pass it on to those who do have e-mails.



Jo Ann

One Room School Class Reunion Meeting

Crockery Township Hall

August 24th 2016 at 10 a.m.


In Attendance:

Diane and Larry, Theo, Bob, Shirley, Jo Ann, Doug, Jim K, Jan, Wayne,  Jim F. and Diane C.

Glenn via e-mail and will post minutes on website: www.nunica.com


There were group meetings going on around the table this time so I can only report the mini meetings within my ear shot. (I wonder where that expression came from?)


Diane VD said invitations are down considerably this year.  It was suggested to her that perhaps having it right after Labor Day was the reason.


Diane Cusick and Theo spent time going over the menu. She seems to have a good handle on things.  “Cake” was written down for dessert, however, she is going to make her fabulous dessert that she has been making for our reunion the last couple years. We all agreed.


Shirley read two jokes and they were approved and guaranteed to get good laughs.


Theo purchased new containers for the auction.  The ones we borrow from the township are too big.  Thank you Theo and we are going to miss you this year.  Her family; the girls and Bob will head up the auction this year.


Larry advised that the Holman’s will not be coming this year.  That includes Dick so we will not have his wonderful music to entertain us.  Jo Ann passed the opportunity to fill in for entertainment, (regretfully) but maybe next time…


We decided to leave the entertainment out as Jim B. will be giving us a short history lecture and we are going to try to keep the program shorter this year so people will not leave before the auction.  The auction is going to start while dessert is being served.


The next meeting is scheduled for September 7th and will be mostly last minutes’ stuff.  Jo Ann is going to bring the pictures from last year so we can all put them in order for the reunion. Please bring any pictures and/or documents to this meeting and your auction item.


See you September 7th


Jo Ann