Hanchett / Lawrence / South Evergreen

One Room Schoolhouse Reunion

2017 Invitations


Invitations to the 2017 Hanchett / Lawrence / South Evergreen Reunion will be mailed by the end of July 2017.  Our goal is to invite as many students as possible.  Although we are pleased that we will send out over 170 invitations, we still have not obtained the address of every student.


If you do not receive your invitation in the mail, you can download it from this website.


There are two pages to the invitation. Page 1 is the invitation.  Page 2 is the RSVP.


To view and/or print the invitation, click here.

To view and/or print the rsvp, click here.,



Please complete and send in your RSVP by August 27, 2017

Send the RSVP to Diane VanDussen, 11610 Leonard Rd., Nunica, MI  49448