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One Room Schoolhouse Reunion

Committee Meeting Minutes - Page 3

One Room School Committee Meeting

Crockery Township Hall

October 17, 2018



In attendance: Larry, Diane, Theo, Colleen Nellist, Shirley, Joan H., Marie J., Jo Ann W., Leah.


It was brought up that the displays did not get viewed.  They were in a different room this year and people did not know they were there.  One option is to display them in the hallway next year.


Marie will greet next year and help with the sign in.  There was bottle necks this year.  Partly due to the fact the OK Choir increased our numbers by 30 people.


Drinks and appetizers were in a good spot this year.  We put them in the hall by the kitchen.


We will campaign to get more people next year. Some of the OK Choir will come.  Many stated they went to one room schools and enjoyed the festivities.


Colleen will work on getting a microphone.  Larry needs one and Ken and Jo Ann could have used one for their music.  Many people could not hear them play, however, there was lots of talking….and this from a generation that pushed ethics on their children.


A thank you note will go out to Jan Kimble for her hard work and all the extras she did for this event, (especially the flyer).


Diane C has not submitted her bill for the catering she did, which was wonderful. It will be approx. $500. Shirley told us a couple hilarious jokes for next year.  We all approved them. They were very funny.


Larry gave us a treasury report.  Balance is $1671.29 before paying bills.


The auction was a great success. We received 52 auction items that brought us $643.


We will give OK Choir a donation of $50. The folks that stayed to eat (approx. 30) only had to pay $5 vs the $15 normal fee.


We are waiting till the spring to decide on the donation amount to S. E School.


We still have school logo towels to sell.  We will do a better job of displaying them next year.


Next year the All School Class Reunion will be September 21, 2019.


The next meeting will be April 24, 2019.


Jo Ann