Hanchett / Lawrence / South Evergreen

One Room Schoolhouse Reunion

Committee Meeting Minutes - Page 2

One Room School Committee Meeting

Crockery Township Hall

September 7, 2016


Attendees: Larry and Diane, Joan H., Shirley, Marie, Jo Ann, Theo, Jim F., Jim K., Wayne and Doug

Glenn will post minutes on website: www.nunica.com.


The committee approved ticket prices for the auction: 1 for $1.00, 6 for $5.00 and 15 for $10.00

All tickets, will be put in a special container at the end of the auction for door prize drawings.  These tickets will include winning tickets from the auction.  The door prizes will be the centerpieces on the table, which will be floral/plants arrangements like the ones we used last year.


Volunteers were requested for set up and tear down.  Set up will start at 1p.m.


Diane has the 3 “sign in” books from the various schools and will, again, man the desk to insure folks who have not paid but will be eating, pay for their meal and sign the book.


There was a discussion whether or not to have the reunion every year or every other year.  We also debated whether or not to wait until the reunion and put this question before the attendees to vote on.  We decided to have the board make the decision and we all agreed to keep this going every year.  As the numbers diminish, the board will continue to meet and plan accordingly.


Jo Ann will give a little promo speech to request stories for a possible publication in the future. Shirley will read a couple of the stories to give an example of how nice it is to have these nuggets of memories.


Jim Key gave a little history of how this all began.  Larry and Shirley started these meetings for a class reunion at Anchor Inn, November 8 2008. That is a nice piece of history we will celebrate down the road.  We will probably do a special 10-year anniversary theme in 2018 to celebrate.


Larry was given a short itinerary to follow in hopes we keep the program short.  Most folk’s attention span is limited and last year proved too taxing for some of the older ones.  Hopefully, this year will be smooth sailing and they will look forward to next years.


Thanks Larry and Diane for the brownies.  They were wonderful. Thanks also to Larry for always having a pot of coffee on.  I love these meetings…8>)


The next meeting is Sept. 21. Same place and Same time. Crockery Township Hall at 10 a.m.



Jo Ann

One Room School Committee Meeting

Crockery Township Hall

September 21 2016


Attendee’s: Larry (no Diane…we missed you), Theo, Bob, Jim K., Wayne, Jim F., Joan, Marie, Shirley and Jo Ann


Larry read the treasure report. We had a balance of $773.43.  There are still some outstanding contributions that have to be made yet so that number will be reduced soon.  Diane C. still has to get paid for the catering service from the reunion but she has not submitted her bill yet.  Theo will call her and encourage her to submit it asap.


 Larry suggested we make a $50.00 contribution to the Museum as a good will gesture for Jim B. and his wife Lil for doing the presentation at the reunion. We all agreed.  Shirley will get a Thank You card to put the money in.


There was a rough count of 61 people at the reunion/dinner this year.  Everyone seemed to have a good time.  The auction was a huge success again this year.  We took in roughly $450.00 that was donated to the South Evergreen Restoration Project.


Diane Cusick asked that we not put the menu items on the invitation next year.  It is hard for her to stick to it when prices and availability changes.  One example is, meatballs were on the menu, however, that would have added $60.00 to the cost so she dropped that from her list.  She needs more flexibility.  Much discussion took place on the pros and cons. On the pro side, it was brought up, if people are going to pay $15.00 for a meal, they might want to know what they are getting for their money.  We ended up deciding to put a menu that will read some think like, Chicken dinner with appetizers served before meal. We will table the final decision until next year when we work on the 2017 invitation.  Diane will be invited to the meeting to help with the wording.


The 2017 Reunion dinner will be Sept 16 2017….


The next meeting will be October 19, 10 a.m. at the Crockery Township Hall.


Jo Ann volunteered to bring treats  (if I don’t forget).



Jo Ann

One Room School Committee Meeting

Crockery Township Hall

October 19, 2016


In attendance: Jo Ann, Theo, Jim K., Jan, Wayne, Doug, Diane and Larry, Shirley, Bob, Jim F.


Theo brought treasures (artifacts) donated by her daughter.  They were a collection of items she found on the old Lawrence School property where she grew up.


Among the items was an old horse shoe and an ink well. They were in perfect condition and will be donated to the committee to display at the reunion.  One item could not be identified so we will make sure to ask next year’s participants.  Maybe some of the older generation will know what it is.  It looks like a civil war cannon ball.


The artifacts sparked enough interest to warrant further requests for donations.  We will make a request at the next reunion invitation.


Jim K talked about interest in Jericho School possibly being a subject of restoration. Nancy and Al Torno  has had contact with a committee looking for a one room school house to restore.


Diane C sent her bill, which Larry will see gets paid right away. We all agreed to round the $311.61 to $325.00.


A donation of $50.00 was sent to the Historical Society to show appreciation to Jim and Lil for the great job they did on the power point at the reunion.


Larry received a “Thank You” card from the Coopersville Area Community Foundation for the $443.00 contribution to the South Evergreen School Restoration project.  The money came from the reunion ticket sales for the auction items.


Theo to get with Glenn/Jim on the scrapbook so he can load them on his website.


Larry suggested we get a theme for next year’s reunion.  There was a strong response to “Family History”.


Shirley told a captivating story on the history of her family of origin.  Jo Ann suggest she do a presentation on this at the reunion.  It was very interesting. Larry volunteered to work on his family of origin and Wayne said he has some family history he would work on.  Theo said her daughter has information on one of her family members, Baron Bob VonHemken. She will follow up with her daughter and see what she can find out and perhaps present this at the next reunion.


It was also suggested we might do some reenactments similar to the ones done at the Eastmanville Farm program.


These suggestions will be the main focus for the next meeting in April.


Jo Ann offered to do a timeline for next year’s reunion.


Next Meeting: April 26, 2017. Crockery Township Hall 10 a.m. NOTE: Some members suggested we have a meeting before April.


Theo will be back late April.

Jo Ann

One Room School Committee Meeting

Crockery Township Hall

April 26, 2017


In attendance: Jo Ann, Larry, Diane, Theo, Jim K, Jim F, Bob, Jan, Molly, Joan.


Bob has the artifacts from Lawrence School, at his house.  They were found by the Aurich children while they were living there. Bob is cleaning them up and will bring them to the next meeting.  Jo Ann will get pictures of them to add to Glenn’s website if there is a place he can add them.


Jim K updated us on possible renovations of the Jericho school.  It was a “no go” due to the cost estimate.


Jo Ann read minutes from last meeting and Larry gave a brief financial update.


It was discussed whether or not to add a note to “Save the Date” card, about this year’s theme.  The theme will be about family of origin and stories will be requested.  Larry will get with the printing co. on what to say and where to put the note.


Jim K. discussed South Evergreen flyer for an upcoming 150-year celebration. The Coopersville high school boys shop class is involved in a fund-raising project.  They are making a replica outhouse.


The pancake breakfast proceeds amounted to $1000.00 plus. Jim showed us towels that has the school name, a school logo and the established year of the school imprinted on it that they are selling.  We asked if his wife would be willing to make 16 for Lawrence and 16 for Hanchett schools as well.  We will sell them at the reunion, provided there will be any left.  Committee members will be purchasing them in advance.  There was some confusion about the date on Lawrence School.  Jo Ann offered to follow up and give Jim K that information.  (That information was e-mailed to Jim April 27th ). The sign on the school reads, District 4 1886.


Larry will have the “Save the Date” cards for next meeting.


Next month’s agenda: Sending out “Save the Date” cards.


Jo Ann will follow up with Glenn to see if he can get us labels by then.


Next Meeting date: May 17th. Same place, same time.

One Room School Committee Meeting

Crockery Township Hall

May 17, 2017


We discussed the selling price of the school towels Jim K.’s wife is going to order for us.  We pay $6.00 per towel and will sell them at the reunion for $10.00. We decided to order 24 towels for each school.  June meeting was scheduled to go over the invitation and make necessary adjustments. We were also asked to gather family stories and ideas for the Sept. reunion theme. Theo is going to check with Diane C. for catering again this year. Jo Ann is going to find out if we should send Leone Nielsen an invitation this year. Jim Kary’s name is to be removed from the invitation list and Jim Karafa’s address is changed to his sister Barb’s. He moved in with her after his wife passed away.

One Room School Committee Meeting

Crockery Township Hall

June 21, 2017


In attendance: Jo Ann, Diane and Larry, Marie, Jim F and Wayne:


We reviewed the 2016 invitation that Glenn sent with date changes as well as a copy Jan sent with her suggestions and decided to go with Jan’s suggested changes. The committee made some adjustments. Jo Ann will meet with Marie, Diane and Larry for final approval.  Larry will get them printed out so we can mail them at next month’s meeting.


Theo did get with Diane C about catering and confirmed she will cater again this year.  We will keep the existing menu.


Jim F will talk to Jim K about doing a skit for the “Program” portion of the reunion.


Larry will do roll call “memorial” of names of some of the participants who have since passed away, like Mr. Kary.


Jim K or Jim F is going to bring flyers on the South Evergreen Schoolhouse 150-year celebration to the next meeting for us to put in the reunion invitation envelope. That event will be Saturday, Sept. 23rd.


Next meeting is July 26 followed by Aug. 23rd.


We will be addressing envelopes to send out.

One Room School Committee Meeting

Crockery Township Hall

July 26, 2017


In attendance: Jo Ann, Diane and Larry, Marie, Jan, Theo, Wayne, Bob, Shirley


Everyone was busy stuffing envelopes, stamping, and addressing invitations for the upcoming reunion.


Jan brought inserts for the South Evergreen open house.


There was not much on the agenda due to the fact we were all busy but we did cover a couple issues that will be discussed at the next meeting, on August 23rd.


Theo will take charge of the picture taking again this year.  She will be taking group pictures by age also : those in their 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and yes…100’s. This will be a nice touch to the album.


Larry will be picking up chicken for the dinner again this year.  Thanks Larry and Diane.


Shirley said she has jokes for us again this year and will tell her family history.  She has very interesting stories about how her family immigrated to Michigan.


Next year’s celebration will be the 10th anniversary.  As the colors for 10 years is Blue/Silver and flower is daffodils, we already have a head start for next year’s theme.


Next month’s agenda:

1. Whether to have a meeting in September before the reunion will be determined after Aug. meeting.

2. Discuss cost of dinner discount, scholarships, etc. for those finding it difficult to pay the dinner fee.

3. Any last minutes issues.

4. Bob will bring artifacts for him and Jo Ann to identify so Glenn can add the id’s to the pictures on his website.




Next Meeting: August 23, same place, same time.


See you there…


Jo Ann

One Room School Committee Meeting

Crockery Township Hall

August 23, 2017


In attendance: Jo Ann, Jim K., Jim F., Glenn F., Jo Ann, Bob, Diane and Larry, Jan, and Joan


Bob brought the artifacts for Glenn to identify for the website.


Larry and Glenn were going to meet Theo and Bob for breakfast Friday, the 25th to remind her to invite Diane C. to the next meeting (Sept. 6th) and discuss how she wants to coordinate the group pictures by age.


Jim K., agreed to give an update on the S E reconstruction.


Shirley is going to give a talk on her family history and how they ended up in Michigan.


Jo Ann will have a cheat sheet card for Larry (a time line) so we will be ready at dinner time.


Diane and Larry will pick up mums for the table decorations and will check on table covers.


Claudia Timmerman will be donating (for her auction item) her skills for a family genealogy for the lucky winner.


Jim K. will be contacting Rochelle R (?) to see if she will do a little skit, portraying Fanny Wilson. If my memory serves me. She was the first school teacher at South Evergreen School House.


Next meeting, (the last one before the reunion) is: Sept. 6, 2017. Same place, same time.



   Last minutes business

   Select a time in the spring for next meeting (April?)

One Room School Committee Meeting

Crockery Township Hall

October 18, 2017



We have kitchen towels for sale yet. Maybe they could be birthday or Christmas gifts.  They cost $336.00 and we sold $210.00 worth.  We have some money to make up yet.


We looked at all the pictures everyone took for the new book.  Theo and family did a great job on the new book.


Larry went over the balance sheet with us.  We got Diane C.’s food bill of $325.00. We gave her $50.00 for preparing and cooking it.


We didn’t donate to South Evergreen yet.  We talked about doing it in the spring.  Some members want to give South Evergreen $200.00??


Jim Key had a great idea to have an All One Room School Reunion.  We would do this by newspaper, flyers, and word of mouth. They must RSVP ahead of time for food count….no paying at the door.  Maybe stand up at the All Class C’ville reunion in Oct and announce people from one room schools are welcome to attend.




Need ideas for this 10-year special day.  We will talk about it at the next meeting, tentatively set for April 25, 2018.

One Room School Committee Meeting

Crockery Township Hall

September 6th, 2017


No meeting minutes were taken.

One Room School Committee Meeting

Crockery Township Hall

April 25, 2018


In attendance: Jim F, Marie J, Joan H, Bob H, Theo A, Larry and Diane, Shirley C, Dan H, Wayne H, Jan and Jo Ann.


Larry opened the meeting by introducing Dan Holman, our new committee member.


Larry went through the treasure report and gave us a balance of $710.88.  It was voted on to give South Evergreen a donation of $200.00 leaving a balance of $510.88.


Diane read the minutes from the last meeting.  She stated there are school monogrammed towels left.  If anyone would like to purchase any, they are $10.00 each.  Larry convinced Dan he needed some so Dan bought 2 of them.


Three items were on the agenda to discuss:


1.  An all class reunion to be advertised (open invitation) suggested by Jim K

2.  A 10-year anniversary theme for this year’s reunion

3.  Donation to South Evergreen (it was voted on right away to write a check out for $200.00.)

       Jan thanked everyone on behave of S E restoration.


Shirley had suggested, last year, that we do a fun theme like a circus.  We all jumped on that and threw out all kinds of fun ideas.  This will also impact the menu this year and it was suggested, in lieu of appetizers, we have peanuts, popcorn, cotton candy, and maybe hot dogs for the main meal…. all which must have further discussion.


Larry showed us a very nice pamphlet he received from S E School and suggested we have a souvenir pamphlet like it.  He said L and L Printing would charge $1.32 per pamphlet. They run a special in June offering 50% off on color printing. He is going to pursue this further and see what the June deadline is to get our order in.


The idea of all class reunion was discussed in detail and it was decided to nix the idea.  It would be difficult to know how much food to order and just too much follow up and work to get done this year.


The next two meetings were scheduled to primarily work on the pamphlet:


Anyone with pictures (any picture pertaining to your one room school) is asked to bring them to the next meetings


Jo Ann will bring copies of the addresses.


May 9: Larry will be there at 9 for anyone who can come early and plan on staying if you can.


May 23: Completion of the pamphlet

One Room School Committee Meeting

Crockery Township Hall

May 23, 2018



In attendance: Jo Ann, Larry and Diane, Jan, Dan, Marie, Joan, Theo


The committee worked on the complimentary folder; added new pictures and removed others.


Larry informed the group that the June discount from the printing company was for the invitations only, so we will focus more on them at the next meeting due to the June discount deadline.


Jan had already been working on that and has an outline for us to view.


We discussed whether to send out “Save the Date” postcards this year.  With the added expense of the complimentary folder, we will be looking at areas to save money.  Larry said we spent around $100.00 on the post cards last year and $51.68 on postage.


The next meeting will be June 6 at the hall at 10 a.m.


Thank you, Larry, for the coffee and donuts.

One Room School Committee Meeting

Crockery Township Hall

September 12, 2018


In attendance: Larry, Diane, Theo, Bob, Mrs. Nellis, Colleen Nellis, Shirley, Joan H., Jo Ann W., Leah and Rhea Mae.


Theo updated us on her conversations with Diane C., regarding the catering.  The food is all ready.  She said Diane will have to leave for a bit but would be back to have the food ready on time.  We nixed the apple dessert this year as know one wanted to peel apples while the event was in progress.


The OK Choir is supplying us with entertainment this year.  There will be approx. 35 singers and 30 of those folks will eat dinner.  They will be charged $5.00 each.  Theo will let Diane know so she can plan the meal accordingly.


The question was raised whether or not to donate money to the choir.  They perform for free, but Shirley said they will accept donations.  Leah brought to our attention the fact they will be getting over $300.00 donation in a sense when you figure the night cost $15.00 each but they will be paying $5.00; a savings of 10.00 per person.


Larry requested Ken and Jo Ann do a few tunes.  I volunteered Ken but with a family situation going on, Ken’s attendance is questionable.


Jo Ann and Diane will be sitting at the greeting table to make sure everyone is signed in and to collect last minute monies.


Diane has picked up little Halloween tins that will be filled with mints, peanuts and candy corn.


Jo Ann gave Bob the information he and Theo requested on what we sold auction tickets for last year; 1 ticket for $1.00, 6 tickets for $5.00 and 15 tickets for $10.00.  Glenn’s web page came in handy as it took me only about 3 minutes to locate the information on a previous “minute” page. Thank you Glenn for posting our minutes and all the other things you do for the committee.


Larry will pick up the chicken again this year.


The hall will be open around noon, so Diane C. can get in and start unloading the food.  Larry will be there at that time also.


Theo will call Diane and let her know.  Theo will also let her know there will be approx. 125 people eating dinner.


Diane VD is going to pick up mums for the centerpieces. She said they are approx. $2.00 each at Country Side.


Diane VD said 75 people have already paid.


Bob said we will need more tables set up to accommodate the extra people for this year.


It was decided to put the OK Choir on the East side of the room, push the tables back more to the kitchen end and set up the food in the hall way this year.  There will be two lines as usual.


Diane will pick up 15 8” mums this year.  Jo Ann will pick up a 12” mum for raffle.


This year’s invitation included a suggestion to dress up in the era you were in school and the best dressed be given a $15.00 certificate from Crockery Saloon or Turks.  There will be two awards given to the man with the most votes and one for the woman with the most votes.


Larry is going to pick up the colored table cloth. It was decided that yellow would be the color this year.


Larry will get Theo and Bob money aprons for the auction money they collect.


Robyn will be taking pictures again this year and helping with the auction.


Jo Ann