Martin C. Golden

Murderer Still at Large

Grand Haven Daily Tribune - April 26, 1906


Murderer Still at Large


The mysterious stranger clew is keeping the officers of this county in a continuous stir to locate the murderer of Martin Golden, but as yet there is absolutely nothing upon which to base a case.† Sheriff Woodbury has scoured the country around Muskegon without effect as the mysterious man seen in Muskegon Tuesday night was reported to be making north.† There was also a rumor here that a man had tried to dispose of a gold watch at Pentwater, but this story xxxx has come to naught and the officers are working as much in darkness as ever.


There seems to be no theory feasible to the officers, which connects any one in the locality of the murder with the crime.† Every theory which has been† scrounged up at Dennison has fallen through and there seems to be nothing to do but follow the mysterious stranger clew.


The whole county is aroused over the terrible affair and the people are beginning to realize that the Dennison murder was perhaps the worst that has ever been committed in this county.† There was no plot, no old grudge, no revenge, no purpose except robbery which caused the cruelest, most cowardly slaying of an innocent man.† Martin Golden was an upright young man, whith no known enemies.† He has been operating the business at Dennison for about three years and during that time he has been very successful in building up a large business for a country store.


The dead man was formerly a school teacher in Coopersville and it was while teaching his school that he became acquainted with the little woman who later became his wife and who is now grief stricken at her Dennison home.† She was one of his pupils.


The inquest was held in Coopersville today but nothing further than taking the testimony of Dr. Smith who was called to attend Golden.† The inquest was adjourned to May 10.