Martin C. Golden

Beating Woods for a Murderer

Grand Rapids Press - Monday, April 30 1906




Slayer of Golden Believed to Be Surrounded near White Lake Shore.



Fugitive Stole One Lunch and Bought Another.


Hired Man to Row Him Across Water and Fled Into Forest with Officers Close Behind.


(Special to the evening Press)


Whitehall. Mich., April 30.† There seems to be little doubt in the minds of the officers that they have the mysterious murderer of Martin C. Golden, the Dennison storekeeper, trapped in a dense wood four miles west of this town and near the shore of White lake.† The man who fled into this hiding place is known to be armed and will undoubtedly put up a desperate fight for his life.† His description tallies exactly with that of the Dennison murderer.† He is not a green hand at crime, as has been demonstrated by his recent actions, and undoubtedly will sell his life dearly.† Taking this into consideration, the posse of officers who are now beating the woods are prepared for any emergency.


Occupies a Good Stronghold


The woods in which the murderer is believed to be hiding cover more than a thousand acres and are very dense, being one of the few surviving forests in this part of the state.† The underbrush is very heavy and the officers are making headway with great difficulty, Sheriff Clinger of Muskegon County and his posse are working in from one direction and Sheriff Woodbury of Ottawa County with his men from another.


There are several deep ravines in the forest and granted that the man had provisions he could elude the officers there for a long time.


Sunday morning early a man wearing a dark slouch hat, black shirt, black trousers with a fine white stripe and weighing about one hundred and eighty pounds, stopped at a little wayside store north of North Muskegon and purchased 25 cents worth of crackers and cheese.† The storekeeper notified Sheriff Clinger.† He, with six deputies, started in pursuit along the road that leads to White lake.† Sheriff Woodbury of Ottawa County had also been notified and he, with six deputies, started from Grand Haven on a similar errand.


Searchers Heavily Armed.


Sunday afternoon a man who keeps a rowboat on the south shore of White Lake rowed a stranger across to the other shore.† The distance at this point is about one and one-half miles.† After paying for the ferrying the man disappeared into the woods near the shore of the lake, and the ferryman returned to the other side.† Later the officers arrived and were informed by the ferryman that the man they were seeking was probably the one he rowed across the lake, although he did not know it at the time.† The officers crossed the lake, but did not penetrate the woods last night, it being too dark to make any progress.† Sentinels were posted about the wooded piece until morning.† This morning the officers began the search of the woods.† Although the fugitive might have escaped from the woods during the night this is hardly thought likely.† Many farmers have turned out to assist the officers and the pursuing body of men is now of great size and awkwardly but thoroughly armed.


Today the officers found an old hut about one and one-half miles from White Lake, and deep in the forest which was occupied last night by the fugitive.† The remnants of a fire smoldered before the shanty and there were various evidences, such as pieces of crackers and cheese, which led the officers to the belief that the murderer was the man who had been there.† There are strong hopes the man will be caught before nightfall.† If not, the officers will camp in the woods tonight and continue the search in the morning.


One Suspect Arrested.


Coopersville, Mich.† April 30. - - Deputy Sheriff Clenver of Grand Haven has made the first arrest in the Dennison murder case, a suspect being captured near hear yesterday and taken to Grand Haven last night.† The man was found in the home of William Bayne, where he had eaten supper.† Sheriff Woodbury thinks little of this arrest stating it is his opinion the man is a common hobo and had no connection with the murder.† The man will be kept in jail while the investigation is in progress, however.