Martin C. Golden

Hot on Trail of a Murderer

Grand Rapids Press - Friday, April 27, 1906




Officers Closely Pursue Slayer of Martin Golden the Dennison Storekeeper.



Now Said to Be Lurking in the Vicinity of Pentwater.


Sought Refuge in a Muskegon Disorderly House - - Victim’s Watch Was Seen on His person.




Stands five feet nine inches in height.

Weighs 180 pounds.

Caries Martin Golden’s watch.

Has pockets full of small change.

Is dressed as follows: Dark slouch hat, dented in at the top; dark overcoat with a triangular rent in one shoulder, and dark trousers with fine white stripe.


He is now seeking refuge near Pentwater and Muskegon County.  Officers are close upon him.


(Special to the Evening Press)


Pentwater, Mich.,   April 27,  -  It is altogether likely the mysterious man who held up and murdered Martin C. Golden of Dennison as the latter was going home from his store Monday night will soon be in the clutches of the law.  He is believed to be now in the vicinity or on his way to the northward, and in either case he will, in all probability, speedily be run down.


Sheriff Woodbury of Ottawa County with his posse and Oceana County officers are now in full chase, and every neck and cranny is this section will be searched.


The murderer was last seen at Berry Junction, a railroad crossing near here, at 10 o’clock Thursday forenoon.  The officers arrived on the spot a few hours afterward and the description of the man wanted was immediately recognized by the persons who saw a stranger lurking around the railroad station earlier in the day.


First Clew to His Identity.


The first clew as to the whereabouts of the murderer was given by the proprietress of a disorderly house in Muskegon.


Wednesday evening about 8 o’clock a strange man answering the description above, applied for admission to the house.  As soon as he was admitted he demanded that the lights in the front room of the house be put out.  He said he wished it dark so he could look out doors and see if his horse was standing upright in front of the house.


The man went into another room and asked one of the inmates for two nickels in exchange for a dime, as he wished to play a music box that stood in the room.  He produced a great handful of silver, mostly dimes, quarters and half dollars, and at the same time an open-faced watch, back upward.  On the watch were engraved the initials “M. C. G.”


The girl with whom the man was talking remarked it was a peculiar coincidence that his watch should bear the initials of the storekeeper who was murdered at Dennison Monday night.


The stranger turned white and nearly toppled over.  With a hasty excuse to the effect that his horse needed attention, he made a hurried exit from the house, immediately driving away to the northward.


The police were notified at once and in turn the information was given Sheriff Woodbury of Ottawa County.