Martin C. Golden

Was in Pentwater

Grand Rapids Press - Saturday, April 28, 1906




Man Answering the Murdererís Description Seen There.


Was Observed Hanging Around Two of the Hotels, but Left Suddenly.

(Special to the Evening Press)


Pentwater, April 28. - - The murderer of martin C. Golden of Dennison is still at large although Sheriff Woodbury and his deputies and several detectives are scouring this section of the state.† They have gone on north, following a new clew, while the local officers are searching this immediate vicinity.


When The Evening Press arrived last night with the first complete description of the murderer, it developed that a man answering the description had been seen here by at least two persons.† He was seen sitting on the porch of the Hotel Clendee resting and later in the day he talked with E. McDonald, proprietor of the Hotel Imus livery barn.† After this conversation, which related to general topics only, he suddenly disappeared.