Martin C. Golden

He was Begging

Grand Rapids Press - Tuesday, May 8, 1906




Young Man Arrested as Suspect in Murder Case.



Description Tallies with That of Harry Bradley.


Sheriff Woodbury of Ottawa County Went to Traverse City on Investigation


(Special to The Evening Press)


Traverse City, May 8. - - Lying in the Grand Traverse jail with nothing more serious against him than begging upon the streets, Harry Bradley, age 23 to 25 years is suspected of being the murderer of Martin C. Golden, April 23, postmaster of Dennison, a small village near Grand Haven.† A short time ago notices were sent out by Sheriff Jesse G. Woodbury of Ottawa County offering a reward of $100 for the apprehension of the murderer of the Dennison postmaster.† One of the notices was received by officials in this city, with a description tallying almost perfectly with the young man.


Later in the day a second man was placed in the jail with Bradley and he gave his name as McDonald, the two having come to the city via the G. R. & I. train which arrived at 9:30 a.m. Saturday.


Says He Was in Ionia.


Sheriff Woodbury of Ottawa County was notified and has arrived here.† He put the man Bradley through close scrutiny and questioning, but failed to fasten anything definite upon him in regard to his whereabouts April 23.


Bradley stated he was in Ionia on that night.† Nothing was found upon his person of a tell-tale nature, but the search in regard to his whereabouts will be diligently carried on.† Sheriffs Woodbury and Johnson drove to the hobosí retreat, where the prisoners first visited when they arrived in the city.


Paid Fares in Small Change.


They arrived in Cadillac and from there walked to Manton from there the pair paid fare to Walton and then on to Kingsley.† There they remained some time begging and then walked to Maryfield and rode from there to Traverse City.† They are alleged to have paid their fares in five and ten cent pieces.


Harry Bradley is a typical tramp.† He claimed to be from Cleveland, or Rochester, or Cincinnati.