Martin C. Golden

No Clew is Found

Grand Rapids Press - Wednesday, April 25, 1906




Officers Can Get No Trace of Goldenís Murderer.



Search Goes On with No Encouragement in Sight.


Coronerís Jury Will Convene in Coopersville Thursday Morning to Review Case.


(Special to the Evening Press)


Coopersville, April 25. Ė There is as yet not the slightest clew to the identity or the whareabouts of the man who murdered Postmaster Martin Golden of Dennison Monday night.† The officers under Sheriff Woodbury of Ottawa County have grasped every circumstance that resembled a clew, but nothing has developed.


The officers as well as the citizens are of the growing belief that the crime was not committed by a stranger, but by some one who was personally acquainted with Golden and his business affairs, and the implication of some party residing in this vicinity would not surprise them.† The fact that Golden received money and checks from Grand Rapids on Monday could not have been known to a stranger in the town or by a yegg who might chance to be passing through.


Sheriff Woodbury states he is not of the opinion that the McCarty boys are implicated in the affair.† The coronerís jury will convene in Coopersville Thursday.