Martin C. Golden

M. C. Golden of Dennison the Victim

The Grand Rapids Press


M. C. Golden of Denison, the Victim

Shot Down by a Villain, Who Lay in Waiting.

Robbery his Motive

Survived for Six Hours After Two Bullets Had Passed Through His Brain

Martin C. Golden, postmaster and proprietor of the general store at Dennison, a little station on the Grand Trunk and Muskegon Interurban Railway, eighteen miles west of the city was waylaid and murdered last night about midway between his store and his home.


Robbery was the purpose of the villain who laid in wait, as the prostrate body was stripped of a roll of money and a valuable watch before persons a few hundred feet away reached the scene on hearing the shots.


Two shots were fired, both taking effect in the head.† One struck low in the forehead and penetrated the center of the brain, the other going higher, sawing a jagged cut along the scalp.† Golden was a man of strong Ö




This was typed from a copy of a wrinkled newspaper article that Aunt Minnie Golden rolled up and carried it in her purse.