Mary Francis

Mary Francis

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Letter: one page.  Front and back.  The top of the front page has the number 3 on it.

It appears this is the third page of a 3 page letter.  There was no envelope

The page is 6” wide by 9-1/2” high




days.  Suppose it will be a long time before get over feeling bad over so much lost worth ha ha


I bet Katie is awfull busy now she always had so much to do about this time.  I got me a white dress the other day.  Will send a piece of it.  It is 20 cts a yd.  It haint half as good as I could get down there for that.  They charge just like that for every thing up here.


Wasn’t that too bad about Mattie Rankans.  Her fellow just got back from down there.


Well Lizzie how is Lester getting along.  Does he work in Coopersville this summer?  If he does suppose you have a nice time.  You remember what you told me about his little brother don’t you Lizzie.  That day we was picking berries.  Oh how I wish I was down there.  It is so lonesome up here.  I haven’t been anywhere in three months.  It is the worst old hole where we live that I ever seen.  Sundays I always wish I was down there.  I would be making my brake for your house in the afternoon.  It wasn’t so bad at the Kilus “of course”


I suppose Mart is farming to beat the oldest.  Tell him he ought to be up here to take in Fourth of July dance at Onota and that they talk of celebrating at Rock Kilus’.


Well I guess I will have to close for this time.  I hope you girls wont wait as long as I did before you write.  Our folks are well.  Oscar, Grace and Harry had the p-nr hooping cough but are nearly over it.  How is Sadie and Sarah.  The girls send their love to them.  My love to you all.  Good bye  “ I remain your” true and sincere friend.


Mary Francis.

Onota was a village in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was located on the Grand Island Bay of Lake Superior near the present-day community of Christmas about five miles west of Munising in Alger County. The site of Onota is within the Bay Furnace Campground and Picnic Area of the Hiawatha National Forest.  Onota was in Au Train Township of Alger County.  There is also an Onota Township in Alger County.  Onota Township is the adjacent township to the west of Au Train Township