Commissioner of Schools

These Teacher’s Third Grade Certificates (1891 & 1893) and Teacher’s Institute Fees (1895, 1896,1897 & 1898) were found in a County Commissioner of Schools envelope.  The envelope was dated March 7, 1893

Certificates Front

Certificates Back


Envelope Back

Envelope Front

The above envelope contained 2 “Teacher’s Third Grade Certificates”.  One dated March 14, 1981 and the other dated March 1893.  It also contained 2 receipts for “Teachers’ Institute Fees”.  One dated March 29, 1894 for the school year ending September 1, 1895 and the other dated March 29, 1895 for the school years ending September 1, 1896, 1897 and 1898.  The amount of the teachers’ fees was 50 cents a year.


The envelope was addressed to Miss Lizzie Golden, Dennison, Michigan.  It was stamped with a 2 cent stamp and the post mark on the front of the envelope was Coopersville, Mich March 7 1893.  It also had a post mark on the back of the envelope.  It was Dennison, Mich. March 7 1893.  The return address was Return in 5 days to, Colon C. Lillie, County Commissioner of Schools, Coopersville, Mich.


The following numbers were handwritten on the back of the envelope:

80, 75, 85, 75, 95, 90, 87, 90, 75, 92.  These numbers were totaled for a value of 844 and then divided by 10 to obtain an average of 84.  These 10 numbers can be found on the March 1893 Teacher’s Third Grade Certificate dated March 1893.  They are the scores assigned to the following categories respectively.

Orthography, Reading, Penmanship, Geography, Grammar, Arithmetic, U.S. History, Theory and Art of Teaching, Civil Government, Physiology and Hygiene.