Mary Golden†††† ( February 8, 1898 )

Mary Golden

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Letter: three pages.† Front and back of both pages

Paper: lined paper 5-1/2Ē wide by 8-7/8Ē high

Envelope: No postmark.† It was addressed to Mrs. Elizabeth Fitzpatrik, Dennison, Mich.

A 2 cent stamp was drawn on the upper right had corner of the envelope.

The following was written on the back of the envelope

1/2 cake chocolate

2/3 cup sugar white

1/2 cup of cream

boil and stir to a paste


Grand Rapids Feb 8, 1898


Dear Sister Lizzie,


Yours of the 6th received with pleasure glad you are well and enjoying yourself down on the farm.† But sorry to think you took it that way about the pictures.† I was only too generous with you.† I wanted to give you your choice and I wrote a note and sent with the pictures to tell you I didnít forget you.† If I done by you as I did the rest there wouldnít be any kick coming.† So I sent one with ma.† If you donít want it you can return it (are you mad)


I am so lonesome today and home sick that I canít do a thing you donít know how I felt when Pa and Ma left this morning.† I didnít realize it till I seen them going.† It was so good to have ma here it seemed like home.† Didnít mind the time going.† She didnít stay half long enough.† The weather was so bad she didnít get around at all.† Wish she could stay longer.† Couldnít keep Pa any longer.† He begin to worry about Ice, the roads, chores and everything.† The roads must be terrible out in the country.† Well how do you get along anyhow?† Do you have the headache yet?† When are you coming up?† When you do come prepared to stay a week for you cant get away in the summer.


Ma will tell you what I will do when you come up if you stay long enough.† Kate donít like it because you donít go to see her oftener.† I think you ought to of course.† You wont come to see me because I live in the city but I wish you would come anyhow and I will try and make it like the country for you and we will have a good old visit.† There wonít be any one to bother us all day but Irene and that will be plenty.† How is everybody down there?† I donít hear a word about them.† Guess we will have to take the Observer.† So Uncle James has a girl instead of a boy.† Well that is nice.† I think girls are the best.† What do you think?



I didnít finish your letter last night.† Irene woke up so I had to stop writing and take care of her.† Will and Emmett is here and I thought I would send this letter by him and save postage.† Suppose I owe you another letter before you write again.


Well if I donít hear from you soon I will write again and then we will be even.† I could write to you every day if I had time.† Maybe you will know how to sympathize with me some day.† I hope so at least there is nothing like children of your own.† You will never know till you have one.


Give my best to Will and Irene sends you a big kiss.


You think perhaps I have not much to do but sit down and write that is the hardest thing for when I sit down I have to hold Irene or else rock the cradle.† I must write to Kate & Nora some way or other but I donít now when I can finish them.† She is pretty good today.† I ironed this forenoon and she is taking a long nap this afternoon.† That is the reason I am writing such a long letter.† Suppose you seen ma by this time if I was near home like you I would spend most of my time there.† Think we will take a trip down next month.† Julia Sullivan wants to go with us the Sunday we go.† She is going to have a three weeks vacation in March.† Guess she will go down to see you then.† Tell ma there was a funeral at the church this morning.† It was quite a sight to see.† Everything was arranged so nice.† About 30 hacks.† When the people got out to go in the church, they all formed in line on the other side of the street and waited till they came out.† Took their places back just as they came.† I took it all in from the window.† There wasnít one mistake.† Well Irene is waking up so I guess I will have to close.† Hoping to see you soon.† I wish I lived near you.† I never thought we would be separated like this.† It makes me sick when I think of it.† Seems like a dream.† Will is here so I will say good by.


Write soon






Kate donít like it:† Kate Golden.† Elizabethís sister.


but Irene and that will be plenty:† Irene Culligan is Maryís baby daughter.† Mary was married to Frank Culligan.


Will and Emmett is here:† Will Fitzpatrick and Emmet Culligan.† Elizabeth Golden was married to Will Fitzpatrick.† Emmet Culligan was Frank Culliganís brother.


I must write to Kate & Nora: Kate Golden, Nora Golden.† Kate and Nora are sisters to Mary and Elizabeth

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