Elizabeth Golden     ( June 16, 1897 )

Elizabeth Golden

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Letter: 1 page 2 sides.  Lined paper 8-3/4” wide by 7” high

Envelope: Addressed to Will Fitzpatrick, Dennison, Mich.  No Stamp, no postmark

                   3-5/8” high by 4-1/2 wide




Dennison Mich

June 1, 1897


My dear “Willie”


As I have been disappointed in my plans as usual have failed to write this letter before.


Did not go to town as expected neither do I care to go Sunday as I haven’t seen Kate as I expected but that wouldn’t make any difference if I could go.  Will give you full particulars when I see you and will go one week from Sunday if it is convenient for you or any other Sunday.


The mail man just brought me a letter from Mary M and she wanted to be remembered to you.  She wants me to come up there and I think perhaps I will in a couple of weeks if nothing happens.


Did not find your rival Sunday eve. and you can imagine how it cured the “Blues”.  I wonder what he thought he was going to do.  I think some accident befell him on the way.  Don't you?


I don’t know what to write to you for I write so seldom your way.  Oh! (by the way) I have something to tell you.  Don’t see why I didn’t think of it Sunday but I couldn’t think of anything till I reached home.  It will be something to talk about next time.


Hope you will get this epistle before Sunday.  Will expect an answer in person by return mail.


Please destroy this letter when you read it and I will write you a better one “Some Sweet Day”.  Excuse the looks of this letter but Sade is to blame.  I remain


                                                                                     Your Fiancee

                                                                                                   Elizabeth Golden




a letter from Mary M :  Mary Malone was Elizabeth’s first cousin.  Mary was the daughter of Patrick Malone and Catherine Golden.  Catherine Golden was the sister of Patrick Golden.  Patrick Golden was Elizabeth’s dad.

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