Cora Goodenow     ( January 18, 1897 )

Cora Goodenow was the Ottawa County Commissioner of Schools.

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Envelope Front

Envelope Back


Letter: One page, one side

Paper 8-1/4” wide by 10-7/8” high

Envelope: postmark on the front was Grand Rapids, Mich, 12—1M, Jan 18, 1897

The post mark on the back was Dennison, Mich. Jan 18, 1897

The envelope was stamped with a 2 cent stamp.  The address was Miss Lizzie Golden, Dennison, Ottawa Co., Mich




Office of

Cora M. Goodenow,

County Commissioner of Schools,

Ottawa County



Grand Haven Mich.

Begin the last Thursday of March 1897

Begin the third Thursday of June 1897

Begin the third Thursday of August 1897

Begin the third Thursday of October 1897


--- Above is printed letterhead ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


Berlin, Mich., Jan 18, 1897


My dear Lizzie,


Found yours on my return home Saturday.  You don’t know how good and how natural it seemed to hear from your.  I may see you this week.  Have planned to do so anyway.  I visited Cossa Friday AM.  She told me of your headaches and poor health.


The old days come back to me.  They were happy days and I have wished for them a good many times.  Flora and Jane both know how much I care for you.  They do not mention your name to me.  I wish you taught near here or that I lived near you.  I think of you every day and a good many times in a day.  I visited May Dimmock some time ago.  I have four schools left in Polkton and four in Crockery to visit.  One in Wright and two in Tallmadge and twenty-three on the south side.  So you can see I have been busy and such roads as I have had.  I have no more time thus xxx will close with love.


Your Dode