Ella Cooney     ( October 27, 1895 )

Ella Cooney

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Envelope Front


Letter: one page, both sides.

Paper: lined paper 9-3/4” wide by 8” high

Envelope is addressed to Miss Lizzie Golden, Dennison, Mich.  No postmarks, no stamps.  Envelope is 5-3/8” wide by 3-1/8” high


Sunday Eve Oct 27 95

Dear Lizzie,


Allie said she thought you were now waiting for me to send you word when to come.  I had not thought you would do that or I should have sent you word immediately.  I thought you would come whenever it is most convenient for you.  I was very much disappointed week ago Sat. night when you did not come but thought perhaps it was on account of company as Allie said.


Mrs. Griffin and Cassa came on train.  You must try it again.  Don’t give up.  I want you all to come.  It has been a long time since I have met with you all and I, for one, will enjoy it immensely.


I thought of sending you word to come last Sat. evening and then I heard of the party at Mr. Fitzpatrick’s and thought maybe you might rather not come the next night.  “If they can come”, I thought to myself, “they will come anyway and will not wait for any further invitation” for you know this has been a long standing one and I am very anxious for you to come.


I was in hopes Ed could be at home for he would enjoy your company and it would be pleasanter.  He wrote me he was going to G’d Rapids Sat. (Yesterday) so could not come home.


I have been intending to go to the Rapids all the fall but have not had an opportunity as yet.  Have planned to go next Saturday.  Cold weather is coming and I must get something to wear.  I’m sorry, that will postpone your coming another week and I’m so anxious to see you.


My fall term closes Wed.  I’m going to CC’s Wed. night.  Visit Lamont and Berlin schools Thursday and Friday.  Stay with Myra one night and Miss Chappell.  Also to town Sat. so will not be home till Mon. night, I ‘spose.  Quite a bum.


Are you going to have any vacation?


Ed wants me to drive out there some night, so will take that time to visit schools.  Try to come week from Sat. night if nothing happens before then to prevent.  If so, let me know.  Maude, Ethel, May, Sue and Bell and Mary Nixon were coming to see me this week but they postponed it till later on their own accounts.  Thought they’d wait till Littie was out here.  I would like to have you all come at same time but will do as you think the crowd from there would prefer.  They are all acquainted, are they not?  I hope they will all come.  Ask them all.  I have been wanting to drive over to see you and take your chair & quilt.  I guess you think I want to keep them.  I was ashamed after I saw them after Willie had gone that day.  But I never thought of them when he was here.  They were in the other room.  Not with your other things.  Let me hear from you.  Hoping to see from you soon.


I am as ever your loving friend,

Ella M. Cooney