Nellie Shoemaker     ( October 12, 1895 )

Nellie Shoemaker

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Letter: six pages one side each.

Paper: lined paper 4-7/8” wide by 7-7/8” high

Envelope is addressed to Miss Elizabeth Golden, Dennison, Michigan.

It is stamped with a 2-cent stamp. The front is postmarked Spring Lake Mich. 1895, 9AM

The back is postmarked Dennison Mich.  The envelope is 5-1/8” wide by 4-1/4” high



Spring Lake, Mich.

Oct 12th 1895


Miss Elizabeth Golden

             Dennison, Mich.


My Dear Friend:


Your very welcome letter rec’d some time ago and I am sorry I have neglected so long in answering.  When you wrote you were complaining about the very warm weather and trying to teach.  I find it very comfortable now to go in school and find the building all nice and warm.


I have 48 pupils enrolled and expect more next week all the rooms are crowded.  Think they will hire another teacher next month.  They are furnishing that vacant room.  I often think of Miss Bernes.  Do you evr see her?  If you do kindly remember me to her.  We came with in one of having a day off for the Fair, but we would have had to make it up the Friday after Thanksgiving so we decided not to close.  Well I have not got to Dennison yet, but live in hopes.  Guess we will have to wait now until good sleighing comes.


We have a special teacher in writing this year.  She comes up from Grand Haven once every week.  She is fine but you would not think I ever taught writing from my scribbling but I am expecting the doorbell to ring every minute.  That young man George Brown was afraid of that night in the Drug Store is giving to call and I am in a hurry to get this finished.


I am looking in vain for one of your Photos.  Don’t fail to send me one when you get them taken.  I was more than lonesome for a while after the Institute closed but now my school work keeps me so busy I do not have time to think of being lonesome.  I expect to attend a wedding in about three weeks.  Marinna’s sister (Mary Brady) is to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony.  They were called of this morning at Mass.


Well Lizzie the doorbell has not sounded but I have ran ashore for news and will have to close but as I owe several letters I will start another one.  Please do not reciprocate my tardiness.  I will be more prompt in the future.


I Remain Yours with Love,

Nellie Shoemaker