Nellie Vic     ( September 4, 1894 )

Nellie Vic

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Letter: six pages.  Each page was written on one side only

Paper: lined paper 5” wide by 7-7/8” high.

Envelope:  Doesn’t appear to be the correct envelope.

The envelope was postmarked April 9, 10AM 1894 Coopersville Mich

The envelope was stamped with a 2 cent stamp

The address was Miss Lizzie Golden, Dennison Mich

The return address was printed as follows:

After FIVE Days Return to


County Com’r of Schools

Berlin, - -  Mich.


                                                                                     Spring Lake, Mich

                                                                                     Sept 4th 94


Miss Elizabeth Golden

             Dennison Michigan


Dear Friend Lizzie: -


Your very kind and welcome letter rec’d and read with pleasure as well as sadness was so sorry to know you had one of those horrible felons.  I never had one but know they are very painful as I was visiting a friend once who had one and she continually walked the floor night and day so I have perfect horror of them.  Well today is my first day at school.  Yesterday being a legal holiday we did not commence.  I have 33 pupils enrolled expect more later.  I am awfully tired tonight.  Don’t you think the First Day is always the hardest?  Julia is teaching the Nortonville School and I understand Ella Cooney is going to teach the next district to her (The Patchin School).  Yes indeed I know where that is.  I passed it many a time on my way to the Evergreen School.


Julia used to teach there.  You remember that young man that was with me to visit your school (Geo Wells).  I saw his marriage license in the paper last week.  Guess he did not have any wedding or I would surely got a bid.  May Mulder begins her school next Monday.  Jenni is in this school so she commenced today too but I did not see very much of her.  I was so busy.  Berthi Osterhof also commenced her school today.  I am going over to see her Thursday eve.   We will talk over old times.  I wish I could go up to Dennison the Sunday the children make their first communion but don’t think I can.  Geo. Brown came down on the two o’clock train Friday P.M. and spent the rest of the day with us.  He took the 9:30 Boat in the eve for Chicago.  In Mr. Burtt’s last letter he asked me for Ella Cooney’ address.  He said it was for Mr. Brown’s benefit so if you see her tell her to watch the mail as I sent her address.  I have written to Mae Dinmock, Ella and Mary Nixon and have not heard from any of them.  Well it is getting late and I am very tired so will close.  By the way I went over to the last examination at Grand Haven not to write but to see who was there.  Not very many I knew but a great many of the same teachers that was at the other ex.


I hear a crutch going by and it reminds me of Holland when Mr. Noble and Berthi Gardiur (Gardian) were coming down the walk.  If you see Lizzie McGrath give her my love and tell her I dreamed about her one night last week.


All the girls wish to be remembered to you – as well as myself.

                                                 Awaiting an early reply, I Remain Your true friend

                                                             Nellie Vic