Nora Golden     ( July 9, 1894 )

Nora Golden


This is one letter from a set of three letters.  This one was written by Nora Golden and the other two were written by Mary Golden.  All three letters were sent to Elizabeth Golden in the same envelope on July 11, 1894.


Mary’s first letter was written on lined paper 10” wide by 7-3/4” high.  Mary’s second letter was written on lined paper 5” wide by 7-3/4” high.  This looks like it was the same paper as the first letter but it was cut in half.  Nora’s letter also seems to be a 1/2 sheet of paper.  It was also lined paper 5” wide by 7-3/4” high.


Envelope: It was addressed to Miss Elizabeth Golden, Holland, Mich.  The postmark on the front was Dennison, Mich. July 11, 1894.  The postmark on the back was Holland, Mich. July 11, 1894.  The envelope was stamped with a 2 cent stamp.  The envelope was 6” wide by 3-1/2” high.



Dennison, Mich

July 9, 1894

Dear Sister,


I thought I would write to you and send it with Mary’s letter.  I went to Grand Haven the Forth and had a good time.  Julia and Myrtie Mc Kay were down there from Grand Rapids.  Ma’s finger is a great deal better now.  Sadie has been quite sick since Friday with the toothache.  I guess she is going to have it pulled out Wednesday.  Mrs. Gibbs is very sick Ma and Mrs Shug went down to see her last night.  Mary and I picked cherries most all day.  The fellow that cleaned our organ before was here to-day and cleaned it again.  Do you want us to send your paper and the observer to you?  It was in one of the papers about you going to Holland.  Mary did not give any prizes the last day.  I guess I will have to close for this time. “So Good-By


From Your Sister



“P.S.” Will was very glad to get your letter he will answer it soon is busy now


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