Geo Brown ( September 11, 1893 )

Geo Brown

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The following letter from Geo. Brown is in an envelope addressed to Miss Elizabeth Golden, Dennison, Michigan, Ottawa Co. The envelope is postmarked September 12, 1893 and the postage is 2 cents. The letter was written on three sheets of lined paper. Each sheet is 5-1/2 wide by 8-1/2 high. The letter was written on the front and back of the first two sheets and on the front of the third sheet. The envelope is 5-7/8 wide by 3-5/8 high.



West Olive, Mich

Sept. 11, 1893


Miss Lizzie;


It would appear from circumstances that you have undergone a change of appearances of late.


From the events that have taken place since Aug 30 and from what I have learned you have no further desire to meet me.


If so it is your right and privelege. You are your judge of your own company and friends


Yet in the choice of them it might pleasurable at times to use direct methods. If my memory is accurate you promised me Aug. 31 (Thursday morn) when we parted that you would let me know whether you would be at home Saturday night Sept. 9. Since then I have learned that you were not at home that evening but it is evident that you had no intention of so informing me and did not mail any letter from the post that you went to Coopersville that night.


If you did not wish me to call further you had a perfect right to an observance of your wish, but when you made the promise to inform me I surely expected you to abide by your promise whether the answer was pro or con favorable or unfavorable to me.


I have sensitive feelings still it seems to me that the best way would have been to frankly inform me Thursday morning that you were done with me and had no further desire for my company instead of telling me as you did when I thanked you for your company that evening that I was welcome to it. If you meant what you said you have to all appearances undergone a sudden change of heart or else you did not mean it. If the latter is true I am sorry you lacked the courage to tell me so which would have been far more just treatment of me than a broken promise.


I enter no complaint because you have given me the G B. I possess no superior attractiveness and but a weak worthiness which it is easy to find in anybody yet what little worthiness I do have asks an honorable and direct dismissal when my company is no longer desired rather than the use of mean calculated to avoid a meeting of me.


I am aware of no circumstance action or words of mine which would cause you to take this action. If any exist I would be pleased to be informed of them.


But perhaps you have been and are the victim of a conspiracy intended to bring about the present condition of affairs. I hope not.


Whatever may be the cause I take no reason for complaint except that I received no answer as I expected.


I would be pleased to have you inform me by return mail why these conditions exist


Please do me that favor Lizzie


Geole Brown