Bert Peck     ( June 6, 1892 )

Bert Peck

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Letter: 2 pages, 3 sides, front and back of page 1, front of page 2

Paper: Lined paper; 7-7/8” wide by 9-3/4” high


Edgerton, June 1st, 1892

Miss Lizzie Golden;


Dear Sister; Having last week received, one very nice brotherly letter from one Lizzy Golden, after giving up all idea of ever hearing from her, I was very much surprised and resolved to answer at the earliest possible convenience.


Of course you have heard that I am at Edgerton!  Was home over Sunday and went to Berlin Monday.  Thought perhaps I would see you there, but was disappointed.  Everything passed off nicely in spite of the shower.


Statia spoke her piece the best and Cleve sung as well as usual which is very good.


How is Agnes getting on with her school and Mary in Dennison?  I suppose she meets you at the depot Friday nights.


Miss Goodenow tells me that you are getting on finely with your school and I am glad to hear it!


With a nice school, a nice boarding place and such a friend as Miss Goodenow you may indeed consider yourself favored by fortune.


As to my school, I have 32 on the roll, all the way from 5 years to 16.  It has a reputation as a tough school and it is well founded.  We have a kind of picnic and exhibition at the Courtland Grange Hall one week from next Saturday.


Rec’d a letter from Geo. Brown last week.  He likes Valparaiso very much and wishes to know if I jump any more R.R. trains.


Lizzy, I don’t believe you will know me when you see me again! I am growing a mustache.  Just started it this morning.  Now Lizzy!  Keep this a secret.  Don’t tell any of the folks over there.  Next time I go to G.R. I am going to get some hair vigor.


Do you ever think about “the mansion”?  Miss Goodenow sits at the head of the table next Lizzy and Mary then Agnes on the end, next yours truly and then Flora sits down wishing she could get married and declaring that we didn’t have anything to eat and again someone is ill and someone is sent after quinine and Brandreth pills and Doc. Shimmel etc.  Do you remember?  And some one sits down over the back of a cart.  Do you forget?


Well! sister, one month of my school is gone and I have another to teach hoping you will remember that a letter from you would be very welcome up here,  I will bid you

                                                                                     Good night

                                                                                                 Bert Peck


             Kent Co.