Lester Mills†††† ( August 16, 1891 )

Lester Mills

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This is the second letter of a set of two letters written by Lester Mills to Elizabeth Golden.† Both letters were found in one envelope.† The first one was written on Nov. 21, 1890 and this one was written Aug 16, 1891.† The envelope was addressed to Miss Lizzie Golden, Coopersville, Michigan. The postmark on the front was Muskegon, Mich., Nov 22, 1890 and the postmark on the back was Coopersville, Mich., Nov 22, 1890.† The envelope was 4-5/8Ē wide by 3-3/4Ē high.† The envelope was stamped with a 2 cent stamp.


Lesterís first letter was written on lined paper 8-7/8Ē wide by 7Ē high.† One sheet, front and back.† This letter was written on two sheets of paper.† The first sheet was also on lined paper 8-7/8Ē wide by 7Ē high.† The second sheet was a half sheet 4-3/8Ē by 7Ē high.† Both sheets had writing on the front and back.† The designer of the stationery had the top left and top right corners of the full sheets cut off at about a 45-degree angle.† The design made it appear as if the corners were removed with pinking shears.


ďbob tailĒ is the Bob Tail School House






Muskegon Aug 16, 1891

Miss Lizzie Golden,




My Dearest Friend.† I received your welcome letter last Monday night and I thought I would set you a good example by answering it early.† I just had an invitation to come down stairs and help eat a big watermelon a few minutes ago so I went down and ate about half of it.† I donít feel just now as though I would ever want to eat again.


Well Lizzie, I have been laying around the house all day.† How have you spent the day?† Sunday is the longest day in the week to me.† You have better times in the country than I have here.† I donít know what to do with myself evenings and Sundays.† I would like to be with you about now.† I calculated to come down to your house two weeks ago today if you had not had so much other company.† When I left here I intended to come to your house just as much as I intended to go home.† I didnít think of going till Friday morning then I found out that I had to lay off Saturday anyway so I thought I would go home and give the people a surprise.


Joe was giving you taffy about me going to Milwaukee.† There was an excursion from here over there last night.† I saw the Storrs girls over here last week.† Gert came to be examined.† Why didnít you come?† Do you intend to teach this fall!† I should think you would be so stuck on the bob tail that you would want to teach there all your life.† I suppose you will go to school again next winter at Cívill.† We had good times there last winter (at least I did).† I donít hardly think I will be in Cíville next winter but of course you canít most always sometimes tell.† We have had a change of Superintendents at the factory this week.† I donít know how we will get along yet.† I have been working all alone upstairs for the last week.† The fellow I was working with layed off to bury his mother.† Well Lizzie, you will be tired out when you get this all read (providing you can read it) so I guess I will close hoping to hear from you soon.† As ever Yours


Lester Mills