Ella Cooney     ( February 14, 1890 )

Ella Cooney

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Envelope Front


Letter: one page, 2 sides

Paper: Lined paper 9-7/8” wide by 8” high.

Envelope: Addressed to Miss Lizzie Golden, Coopersville, Mich.  No stamp, no postmark

          Written on he top of the envelope was the word “Valentine”.

          Written on the left edge of the envelope was the phrase “to be read Feb 14, 1891”.

          5-1/8” wide by 3-1/8” high



Dennison Mich. Feb 14 90


Miss Lizzie Golden:

             Dennison, Mich.


My Dear Girl:


I will write you a few lines this St. Valentines eve – to be read one year from today.  I wonder where we will be then and what we will be doing.


Now we are attending school and enjoying ourselves so much.


We will probably look back to these days and think we hardly knew how to appreciate them.


For we certainly have had good times this winter.  We must always keep in memory – our visit to the Jackson school, our election and our wonderful candy pull – that is to be – as among the happy events of the winter of 1890 and also the “nice clean party” that is to take place next Monday night to which we received such a cordial invitation to-day.


Of course you will remember this day by the lovely valentines you received.  It would be impossible to forget it.


Perhaps when you are reading this you will no longer be Miss Lizzie Golden but Mrs. ---

For such intimate friendship cannot long continue in the same channel without growing into something deeper.


Well my dear girl I must write to Mary to-night also so I will not take the time to write much more.  When you read this, one year from to-day, I want you to sit down and write to me and tell me what you are doing and if you are enjoying yourself as much as you are now.


I suppose you will be going to some higher school than Coopersville as we will all graduate in about two weeks and bid good-bye to Mr. Baldwin and Coopersville school.  How sad!  But “the best of friends must part” you know, and we will have to tear ourselves away from all we love dear and go quietly to our respective homes.


Bidding you a loving farewell.  I remain your friend and school-mate in lasting love.


                                                                                                 Ella M. Cooney