Martin Golden     ( November 09, 1889 )

Martin Golden

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Envelope Front

Envelope Back


Letter: one page, both sides

Paper: lined paper 4-7/8” wide by 8” high

Envelope: postmark on the front was Muskegon, Mich., Nov 9, 1889, 3:30 PM

Postmark on the back was Coopersville, Mich., Nov 10, 1889.

The envelope was stamped with a 2 cent stamp.  The stamp was placed on the top left corner of the envelope.  The address was Miss Lizzie Golden, Coopersville, Mich.






Muskegon, Nov 9, 89


Sister Liz


I thought I would write your a few lines today.  Today is Saturday but I am in the college just the same.  The college is opened Saturdays to all who want to come in and study.  I just come up to finish Feb in my Bookkeeping and as I have it finished I thought I would write you.


Patsy Malone is down here and so is Mart Hughes today.  Well, you will think this is scratching so it is, but it is all done by muscular movement.  We have to write that way.  Altogether I like it better than the finger movement.  I have got Jan. and February all posted and it balances all right.  Mr. Rathbun is a good teacher.  He is all get there.


Good by, Write Soon,

 Xxx Mart.