Mary Nixon     ( January 10, 1884 )

Mary Nixon

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Letter: one page, both sides.  The letter was written on a small piece of lightweight cardboard.  It was 3-3/4” wide by 4-1/2” high.

Envelope postmarked on the front only: Stanton, Mich., Jan 10, 2PM

The envelope was addressed to Miss Lizzie Golden, Dennison, Ottawa, Co., Michigan.

The envelope had no stamp on it.  It looks like there was a stamp on the top left corner of the envelope but it must have fallen off.




At Home (Box 374)


Dear Friend,


As I have a few spare moments I will improve them in writing to you.  Our school has been keeping two months and a week.  Our teacher name is Mary Jennings.  She is quite a good teacher although she is an old maid.  Who do you sit with?  I sit with Eva Filton.  Do you know what our baby’s name is?  It is Oscar.


I study Grammar this term.  Our folks are all well excepting colds.  Where is Mrs. Haley a going to live now?  Is she a going to the Rapids to live?


Christmas is nigh hant it.  We have about 60 scholars on the roll.  Edith and the baby are well.  Ma is a going to put short clothes on the baby next Sunday.  He will be almost six months old.


I can’t think of any more to write this time so good by.  Write soon.  From Mary


P.S. Why didn’t Mary Malone answer that letter I wrote?


Young may you live.  Happy may you be.  Loved by everyone especially by me.


To Lizzie, Excuse bad writing.




“He will be almost six months old.”  There is a letter from May Nixon dated July 14th 1883 that says she has a new baby brother that is just a week old.  That means this letter must have been written in January 1884.


Why didn’t Mary Malone answer that letter I wrote?: Mary Malone and Elizabeth were first cousins.  Elizabeth’s dad (Patrick Golden) had a sister (Catherine Golden).  Catherine married Patrick Malone.  Mary Malone was the daughter of Catherine and Patrick.