The People of the State of Michigan - - - (Complainants)


William Shimmel - - - (Defendant)

Photo Gallery of Witnesses

           Fremont Brown  -  Edward Brown  -  Emil Rollenhagen  -  Nora Conley

Fremont Brown

Edward Brown

Fremont Brown’s headstone in the Nunica Cemetery

This photo was taken in front of the Nunica Post Office

L to R: Eunice Brown, Edward Brown, George Brown, Harry Brown, Will Douck

This photo was taken inside Brown’s Drug Store in Nunica

L to R: Eunice Westover Brown, Edward Brown, Unknown

Edward Brown’s headstone in the Nunica Cemetery

Emil Rolenhagen

Emil Rolenhagen

Nora Conley

Nora Conley

Lanore Conley: Born November 9, 1891     Died September 14, 1959.

Known in the family as “Noanie”.

Attended Normal college & taught school for a few years.

Married George Winchester.

Worked at Herpolshiemers department store in Grand Rapids for 29 years.

She died while at work from a heart attack.


Michigan Avenue looking east - - - Nunica Michigan

Inside the Nunica Bar

Nora’s headstone in the Nunica Cemetery

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