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The only thing better than reading a good story is writing a good story

I am a Bunny


Hop here and hot there.† I am a bunny.† Ever since the great flood and freeze I have traveled over the bayou to see my cousin, but today I will stay home.


All around, I hear the sound of ice crashing off the trees.† Then a different sound, ice breaks then crashes against more ice.† Then, from the bushes, I see two people.† As I watch I nibble some grass from a bare patch of earth.


They walk out on to the ice where someone had been ice fishing.† Stumbling over the bumps left behind by wind and snow, they make their way across the ice.† They study the cracks, then start to leave.† So clumsy, they canít even get up the icy slop of the shoreline.† At that time, I think to myself, ďIím glad to be a bunny.Ē† They go, now I am free to roam.




6 January 2009