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My Day with Bear


My Day with Bear


Bear and I got up at seven–thirty am.  Got dressed and ate breakfast.  For breakfast we had pancakes, sausages and orange juice.  Pancakes are made of water, flower and eggs, stirred then baked on a griddle.  You put a sweet syrup and butter on them before you eat them.  Bear liked eating them OK.


After breakfast I got my things ready for school. At eight–fifteen my dad took us to school. When we got to school we played with my friend.  Bear liked playing tag best of all.


During the day Bear learned about math, social studies and science.  He also helped me get ideas for writing.  Bear went to music class.  He sang songs with my class.

At the end of the day I rode the bus home with my brother and two cousins.  When we got home I gave bear a tour of our house.  Bear said my house is big.  During the tour Bear met all-most all my stuffed animals.  He didn't meet them all because there are to many. I have about 80 some. After we finished the tour we went out side and played in the snow.  Snow is frozen water that comes down in flakes.  After we played in the snow we went sledding.  Sledding is something that you do in the winter time.  You slide down hill in the snow on a sled.


When we were done sledding we went inside and had hot chocolate.  For dinner we had meat loaf while bear sat beside me and had his own plate to eat off from.  He thought meat loaf tasted good.  After dinner I brushed my teeth and bear's teeth too.  Then we did home work and bear helped me with questions for social studies.  At nine o'clock we went to bed.  He slept beside me all night long.  That was my day with bear.