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The Lost Map


The Lost Map


Chapter 1




Drip, drip, drip.  The rain drips down from the mossy shingles.  Today we came to the Golden house.  No one lives in the house now.  I’ve been wanting to go here for years.


Well, it all started when I was in my Grandma’s basement.  There are five rooms all filled with cobwebs.  I was in the darkest and smallest of the five rooms.  I was looking out the window and two squirrels were playing tag in the tall, green grass.  All of a sudden behind me, crash! 

Something hit me on the shoulder and fell to the floor.  I was scared.  I looked behind me and a glass jar was shattered on the cement floor.  I looked up and I wondered why it fell.  I saw something blue.  I reached up and felt a long metal bar.  I wondered if it would move. It did!  I heard the sound of rusty metal bars moving.  Then the floor moved.  I pulled harder at the bar.  The floor moved even more.  I ran out of the house I stumbled and fell down the hill head over heels.  I ran until I was home.  By this time it was dark.  I ran up the stairs to my room and didn’t stop until I was under my warm covers. I waited until my Dad came up.


“Dad”, I said, “Are there any secret rooms at Grandma’s house?”  “No, but there is a tunnel”, replied Dad.  “How do you get to it?”, I asked.  “No one knows exactly.  Somewhere down there in the basement there is a lever you pull and the tunnel opens up,” said Dad.  “Why”, asked Dad?  “Oh, I don’t know”, I said.  “Goodnight”.  “Oh yes”, said Dad.  “There is a map too.  It is the most important thing in the whole family.  Everyone has been looking for it for hundreds of years.”

Chapter 2


The Tunnel


The next day I went back to the same room.  I made sure that no one saw me.  This time I was ready for the big surprise.  I reached up, ready, I told myself, “One, two, three!  Pull!”  The lever would not budge, not one single bit.  That’s funny, it moved yesterday.  Then I saw a piece of paper.  I grabbed it and opened it up.  It said, “When the wind blows, the lever will not move.” Signed Martin Golden.


I knew who Martin Golden was.  He lived down a few roads away.  But why would he put a note like this in this old house?  Maybe there is a tunnel that is connected from this house to the Golden house.


“What are you doing down there?”, asked Dad.  “Oh nothing”, I replied.  “Creak” I heard the sound of the door open.  I tip-toed over to the closet and hid in it.  I didn’t want my Dad to know what I was doing, especially my Mom, or my Uncle, or my Aunt.


“Where are you?”, said Dad  “Over here”, I said.  “Dad, are you sure you don’t know where the tunnel is?”, I asked.  “I wouldn’t know it even if I walked over it”, said Dad.  “Are you sure”, I asked.  “Why, of course!”, exclaimed Dad.  “Dad, did you know you walked through that room over there?”, I said.  “Yes”, said Dad.

Chapter 3


The Fan


“Ouch”, I cried.  “What happened?”, shouted Dad.  “I got a rope burn”, I said.  “This is hard climbing the rope”, said Dad.  “Today we are fixing the shingles on the roof at Grandma’s.  “Dad!”, I yelled,  “A hole with a fan in it.  This must be the hole where the lever ...”, I said.  “What?”, said Dad.  “Oh, never mind”, I said.

Chapter 4




Yuck!  Spider webs every where!  I am glad I brought a broom.  I can sweep the cobwebs away.  This tunnel is scary.  “Ouch”, I said.  A torch!  I can use this!.  I lit it.  I held it in my hand.  Writing was carved in it.  1818 was the year. This torch is old.  It’s definitely an antique.  I kept on crawling down the tunnel.  It stopped. “Oh well”, I said. I guess it just is an old tunnel. “Hey”, I yelled.  A crack of light was beaming in.  “A door!”, I yelled.  I slowly pushed the trap door open.  A house. It’s a kitchen!  “Wow”, I told myself.  Whose house is this?  I went outside.  I couldn’t believe it!  I almost fell over!  Well, actually I did.  This was the old house on the hill.  The Golden House!


I gotta get out of here!  I went back down the tunnel.  Another tunnel!  I went in it.  A folded piece of paper!  I slowly unfolded it.  The map!  I found it!  I forgot that I was in the tunnel and jumped up and hit my head on the wood supports on the top of the tunnel.  I started to crawl down the tunnel and went deeper.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  Cannons, sling shots, guns and swords.


I came home that night.  I looked at the map and saw that the treasure was buried in Ireland.  I wondered if I would ever go to Ireland.


The End