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To Build a Fire


As he rounded the bend he felt himself suddenly sinking.  He told himself to move, sway, to jump or breakaway; but, he couldn’t.  It was as if a sudden darkness was falling, though it was only 9:00 am.  His dog was staring at him helplessly.  He felt himself sink deeper.  He couldn’t move, as if willed by the powers of nature not to move, to let himself drown.  Very quickly things became darker, then everything was silent.  He tried to call his dog but it was as if he had said nothing.  The blackness - nothing more.


His eyes flickered open, he found himself turning violently this way and that, struggling to undo himself.  Then something wet licked his cheek.  He heard voices; he realized that he was on a sled wrapped so tightly that he couldn’t move.  The sled slowed down and looking at him were the boys and his dog.


It was all a dream.   Never would he go out alone again.



Anne’s thoughts after reading

“To Build a Fire” by Jack London.

 December 16, 2008